Thanks Google Keep! EverNote sees uptick in downloads, usage

When I called Phil Libin, Evernote CEO earlier this morning to chat about Keep, in his typical matter-of-fact manner he explained that Google’s Keep app is both good and bad for his company. Bad, because he now has more competition in the market. And good because now more people are going to be aware of the overall category, which means more attention for Evernote.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin
Evernote CEO Phil Libin

Libin reasons that just as the Weather App on iPhone helped jump start interest in other apps like the one from say the Weather Channel, Google (s GOOG) Keep will push the interest higher in note-taking and clipping apps like Evernote. His arguments are backed by an uptick in downloads of the Android-version of Evernote since the Keep news came out last week.

Libin wouldn’t offer specific details (or numbers) except he acknowledged that when compared to a week ago, downloads and usage are up enough for him to notice. That said, he is of the belief that Keep wouldn’t have any impact on his company’s relationship with Google and its flourishing platform. Evernote is one of the more successful apps on most mobile platforms — iOS and Android included.

Google Keep, is Google playing catch up with rivals such as Apple (s AAPL), Blackberry(s rimm) and Microsoft(s MSFT). Most expect Google to boost the number of stock apps on Android.

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