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Apple buys indoor location company WifiSlam

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Apple(s AAPL) is still working to improve its outdoor mapping capabilities, and meanwhile looks to be getting into indoor navigation too. The company has acquired an indoor GPS service called WifiSlam.

Apple confirmed the acquisition, and the Wall Street Journal reports that it paid around $20 million “recently” for Palo Alto, Calif. company. Indoor mapping is the next phase of mobile location services; Google already offers indoor maps in a dozen countries. Most of its indoor navigation is limited to public buildings like airports, malls, train stations, sports stadiums and museums. It’s likely Apple is looking to beef up its own location services in a similar manner.

WifiSlam’s service claims it can locate a mobile device with up to 2.5 meters of accuracy using just Wi-Fi signal nearby.

The company is only two years old and it’s fairly small, with four founders — which is pretty much in line with the kind of small acquisitions Apple makes every year. What is less usual for Apple is the acquired company’s close connection to its archrival Google: one of the WifiSlam founders, Darin Tay, is a former Google(s GOOG) engineer, and one of its investors, Don Dodge, is a current Googler.

4 Responses to “Apple buys indoor location company WifiSlam”

    • Vera Comment

      walmart has an indoor location pilot to help you find stuff in their stores.

      apple already sells tickets via passbook. something like this could help you find your seats at the venue

  1. paul martin

    Of course will only work with a wifi rich environment. Indeed our research showed that the luminosity issue was almost as important as the interference especially in academic environments