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Everyplay wants you to share videos of your mobile game wins

Finish a mobile game level in record time? They why not share a video of your accomplishment will all your friends? That’s the idea behind Everyplay, a new service that wants to bring video capturing and sharing to mobile gaming. “You can’t spell video game without video,” punned Applifier CEO Jussi Laakkonen, whose company is behind Everyplay, when he gave me a demo of the technology at our San Francisco office Wednesday.

At its core, Everyplay is taking the idea behind game video sites like to mobile, casual gaming, with an interesting twist: Instead of getting users to record their games with dedicated capturing software, Everyplay partners with iOS (s AAPL) game developers to add its SDK to their games.

NimbleBit's Nimble Quest hasn't even been released yet, but recordings of some scenes already rack up five-digit view counts on Everyplay.
NimbleBit’s Nimble Quest hasn’t even been released yet, but recordings of some scenes already rack up five-digit view counts on Everyplay.

20 games with Everyplay are already available on the iTunes app store. Some of them allow instant replay and sharing of key scenes, while others just continuously record a video of everything you do, ready to share at any time. Users can share these videos on Everyplay’s own website put them on Facebook, (s FB) Twitter and YouTube. (s GOOG) There’s also some basic social networking functionality built into Everyplay itself.

Everyplay’s SDK is currently just available for iOS, but Laakkonen told me that his team is actively working on an Android version, which should be available soon. He also showed me a demo of an upcoming version of the SDK, which makes it possible to record the player with the phone’s front-facing camera in a kind of picture-in-picture style, which could lead to all sorts of neat meta-commentary about games.

Interesting about all of this is Amplifier’s business model for Everyplay: The company is making the SDK available free of charge, and will even provide free links to each game on, allowing users to click through and install the game after they watched a video recording of it. Laakkonen stressed that this would be a great, free way to promote games, and pointed to the Paper Planes creators NimbleBit, whose videos of their upcoming Nimble Quest game have already clocked thousands of views on Everyplay.

So how will Everyplay make money? That’s where the company’s core business comes in: Finland-based Applifier started out as a Facebook game developer all the way back in 2008. Then Facebook deemphasized games in people’s stream, and the company shifted towards cross-promotion of games. That evolved into a full-blown game advertising network. Adding ads to Everyplay, which launched late last year, will be the next step. But Laakkonen said that he’s in no rush. First, he wants to build an audience for the service, and he’s already talking to some large publisher to come on board.

In the end, Laakkonen said, Everyplay is about getting back to Applifier’s roots to produce things for gamers that also help developers. Something that gets individuals excited, and doesn’t reduce them to being a data point in someone’s plan to move a lot of referral traffic. Said Laakkonen: “I am not traffic. I can’t tell you how much I hate that term.”

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