Cloudera scores analytics-as-a-service deal with Germany’s T-Systems

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Cloudera’s Hadoop implementation just got a big boost through a strategic partnership with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Systems, one of Europe’s biggest IT services companies. This would appear to be one of the first results of Cloudera’s freshly-funded international enterprise push.

The two companies are touting analytics-as-a-service using Cloudera Enterprise RTQ, featuring the Impala SQL query engine, on top of T-Systems’ existing cloud computing infrastructure. The package is available immediately for T-Systems’ European customers, while those outside Europe will get access in due course.

“Our customers don’t want to have to worry about the hardware and software for big data,” claimed T-Systems BI and big data chief Christian Wirth in a statement. “They don’t want technology, just a reliable service. We can offer precisely this — which is what makes our new offer with Cloudera so special.”

T-Systems counts big names such as Volkswagen and Royal Dutch Shell among its customers, so this is a significant deal for Cloudera. Cloudera’s is the go-to Hadoop distribution right now, but its position may not be unassailable: EMC(s emc)’s GreenPlum division recently revamped its distribution by fusing it with its own analytics database, and even Intel(s intc) now has a distribution out there.

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Sounds like an interesting thing Cloudera is doing in Europe — will definitely have to see how that pans out. Intel putting their hat in the Hadoop ring is interesting to say the least. EMC Greenplum and their revamped distro? Not so much, seeing how they scrap their distro and make a new one every year.

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