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Redbox Instant app arrives on Xbox Live

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Xbox (S MSFT) users can now access the new subscription video service from Redbox Instant by Verizon, thanks to a new app that launched on Xbox Live Tuesday. This is the first time the service has been available on a game console, and it also marks the beginning of a marketing campaign for Redbox Instant, which went into public beta just a few days ago.

Redbox Instant offers subscribers four Redbox DVD rentals as well as unlimited streaming access to around 4,600 movies for $8 a month. An additional 4,000 newer titles are offered as streaming rentals or purchases. After a limited-time free introductory offer, Redbox Instant customers will need an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use the service on Microsoft’s game console, which will set them back another $5 a month.

The company launched its closed beta test at the end of December, and opened up to the public mid-March after convincing tens of thousands of testers to become paying customers, according to Redbox Instant CEO Shawn Strickland.

Strickland told me last week that the launch on Xbox Live would also kick off the company’s first real marketing efforts, and that Redbox Instant would start to specifically target Verizon (s VZ) and Redbox (s CSTAR) customers soon after. Apps for LG, Google (s GOOG) TV and Vizio devices would follow in the next few weeks, he added.

22 Responses to “Redbox Instant app arrives on Xbox Live”

  1. Edward Hughes

    I have some serious lag issues with redbox instant and I have a direct line from my modem to my Xbox. What’s up with that? They need to fix that crap right away cuz otherwise I’m canceling the service.

  2. I just looked at it on my xbox. REDBOX will have to step their game up in order for this to catch on. 4 DVDs at the kiosk, who cares, I thought people streamed movies so that they didn’t have to go anywhere. Waste of time, waste of money, I didn’t see one movie I wanted to watch. I deleted the app 5 minutes after downloading it.

  3. Kelvin Dixon

    I have been reading this mess of comments that have little to do with the Redbox Instant service at all. For those with an Xbox 360 and no Gold account, stay out of the conversation. You wasted your money buying an Xbox 360 while being too cheap to get a Gold account. You should have gotten a PS3 instead. There is all this talk about the price of the service but it is free for the first month, so it costs nothing to take it for a spin. If you have not used the service, do not reply to this post. I want to know if anyone else is having the same problems I am with the playback of the streaming content, which is sometimes out of sync (sound/video). This is something I never experienced with Netflix. Although, sometimes the content would drop and give me an error message to try again later. So if anyone can shed light on this problem, I would appreciate it. The only other thing I would add is that the subscription content is based heavily on old movies and no television shows.

  4. I was trying to watch films on redbox instant on Xbox to give it a try, my friend was really excited about it, but to me it seems to be $8 for the svc plus whatever they charge for the actual rental. I’ve been looking through titles for about 30 mins and have yet to see a film that won’t charge an extra $5.

    • Kelvin Dixon

      The $8 monthly service includes 4 kiosk DVD rentals, not instant rentals. The “Subscription” contains the selection included for the $8 per month. The “Rent/Buy” selection contains many movies Netflix streams online, which is unreal. The others are only available on disc from Netflix at a fixed cost. Between the Subscription and the 4 Kiosk rentals, Netflix is a better option because much of the Redbox “Rent/Buy” content is available online for the “streaming only” price. Netflix only has one drawback, the delay of availability of the new releases. This is really a no-brainer, Netflix win hands down.

  5. William

    Xbox redbox instant is horrible lags sound sucks not worth 1 dollar let alone 8! Now the 4 credit feature is the only worth with this lame attempt at the beast otherwise known as netflix. Netflix-1 redbox-0

  6. You get 4 DVD’s with Redbox but do not get any tv shows like Netflix. The cheapest Redbox Instant will be $6 for just instant and no DVD rentals.There are pros and cons to both. Anyone that is on their XBOX much will probably have Gold so I don’t think that should factor in as much. You will be able to get Redbox Instant other places just like Netfix.

  7. Ashlyn Grace

    Well when I pay 8$ a month for JUST instant with Netflix, and I would have Gold with or without Netflix anyway, this is cheaper if DVD rentals are included in the 8 dollars. Better deal than Netflix if you do the a year sub.

  8. Kyle Rodman

    You can buy xbox live gold for 60$ a year which= 5$ a month.
    Also either way with netflix you have to pay for xbox live gold anyways
    so it’s the same exact price as netflix on the xbox

  9. $8 a month plus another $5 if you have it on xbox? So $13 a month? Or are they saying that xbox gold is only $5 a month? Because I definitely pay $10 a month for gold.

    • Obi Thabadguy Mack

      You getting robbed jt! Xbox live can be bought for 39.99 for a year. Of you get 3 of your buddies and go in on a daily pack out would be 20 bucks a person. This is how. Buy the year of Amazon for 40 bucks then convert your solo year account over to family. Since a year is technically worth 60 bucks that’s what it will credit you. Then just add the other