10gen rolls out new features to woo more enterprises to MongoDB

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Honing in further on the enterprise market, MongoDB creator 10gen is bringing out features for enterprise customers and announcing upgrades of existing products for all users of its open-source non-relational database.

10gen had greater business adoption in mind last year when it raised $42 million and vowed to focus on research and development to improve MongoDB. Now, around 60 percent of customers are enterprises, said Kelly Stirman, the company’s direct of product marketing.

Once signed up for the MongoDB Enterprise software, customers can use their own on-premise hardware to run an extension of the MongoDB Monitoring Service to track MongoDB deployments with more than 100 metrics and receive alerts. MongoDB Enterprise comes certified for deployment on several operating systems. It also supports the Kerberos authentication protocol, which is popular among insurance companies and banks, and can hook in to customers’ existing monitoring services, such as Nagios. And it introduces roles for giving certain abilities to certain database users.

New features in the MongoDB 2.4 release available to all users include full-text search for querying the database, an option to evenly shard data across machines, more accurate measurements of the distance between locations, the ability to count items in a database 20 times faster than before and the ability to maintain and query leaderboards of, say, the top 50 scorers in a baseball league.

The NoSQL database market is crowded, and differentiation is important. That’s why it’s a good thing 10gen, which is based in New York and Palo Alto, Calif.-and has other offices in Australia, England, Ireland and Spain, will increase its headcount by 75 percent in the next year, Stirman said. The time between product releases is getting shorter and shorter, he said, which means that still more improvements could be just a few months away.

Feature image courtesy of Flickr user junyaogura.

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David Mytton

Perhaps the biggest change in MongoDB 2.4 for existing deployments is the working set analyser which helps you figure out how much memory to give Mongo to optimise performance, which was previously difficult to calculate.

This release sees quite a few features relevant to enterprise usage and shows that 10gen’s open source strategy is working well. It’s a very traditional approach: create a good product that’s easy to use and promote it to developers…and sell to companies where it is being used. But 10gen have been particularly effective at gaining such mindshare within the developer community well ahead of any of their competitors.

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