Leo Laporte’s TWiT takes on YouTube hits with new show


Veteran tech broadcaster Leo Laporte’s TWiT network is launching a new show dubbed This Week In YouTube, aiming to highlight both trending videos as well as news about YouTube. For TWiT, the show is yet another sign of the company’s  transformation from a tech podcast to a video network.

This Week in YouTube stars TWiT founder Leo Laporte and YouTube geek comedian Lamarr Wilson, who told me this about his plans for the show:

“Our new YouTube show will cover the most interesting YouTube news story of the week. In addition, we will analyze a viral video of the week, along with the most topical discussion topic of the week. Finally, we will choose a channel each week from YouTube to spotlight, and we’ll give the audience a YouTube tip to either enhance their video watching or their video creation experience.”

This Week In YouTube, which will officially launch in a few weeks, is an interesting format for TWiT, in part because it shows how much the company has changed over the past few years. TWiT began as a weekly tech pundit podcast, branched out to other topics, and eventually transitioned to focus primarily on video, with a big focus on live video content.

Laporte told me two years ago that his goal was to become “the CNN of tech.” But TWiT CEO Lisa Kentzell made it clear Monday that this doesn’t mean to copy old media distribution models:

“As an online network, TWiT has always been platform agnostic. We want to be available everywhere our audience is.”

Part of that puzzle has always been YouTube, but This Week in YouTube producer Chad Johnson admitted Monday that YouTube hasn’t been front and center of TWiT’s video strategy. “While TWiT has covered every step of YouTube’s growth, it’s never been the main way we connect with our audience,” he said, adding that he hopes to change that with Wilson and the audience he has already grown on the video site. “We are very excited to cover the future of online video together with this new show,” Johnson said.

Check out this video tour of the TWiT studio I did back in 2011:

This story was corrected 12:48 pm to clarify that the show hasn’t officially launched yet, but is still in beta.



Leo went through a lot of hand-wringing on what to call the new show, saying he didn’t want to give Google or YouTube any additional “publicity” – plus, he claimed they’d be looking at all kinds of videos on the Web, not just YouTube videos.

Guess that logic didn’t last long.


Leo’s AM-radio sensibilities were still a novelty when TWIT was a big fish in a small pond, but he’s a relatively marginal player now and youtube shows are ubiquitous. It’s hard to fathom that he’s chasing youtube only now in 2013.

Carlos Araujo

Looking forward to more of these shows. Loved the first two!!!

Keith Townsend

My worlds are colliding. A TWiT story on GigaOM? Well, Om has been a guest on TWiT a few times. I wish he’d find time to join the TWiT conversations. I enjoy the shows with both him & Dvorak together. Two true Cranky Geeks.

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