Samsung partners with Blurb to let users order physical photo albums from the Galaxy S 4

Samsung is partnering with self-publishing company Blurb to let users order physical photo albums directly from their Galaxy S 4 phones.

The Story Album app comes pre-installed on the Galaxy S 4, Samsung’s new smartphone that was unveiled Thursday in New York. The app auto-generates a layout from a user’s smartphone photos. The user can then add captions and dates, preview the album and order it directly from his or her phone.

“As our lives become increasingly digital, people are genuinely appreciating the value of physical artifacts,” Blurb CEO Eileen Gittins said in a statement. “By combining the remarkable image quality that the Galaxy S 4 offers with the easy production of books and magazines that Blurb brings, everyone gets the best of digital and analog.”

Blurb already lets users create physical photo albums from Instagram and Facebook (s FB) photos.