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Amazon Publishing launches literary fiction imprint, Little A

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Amazon Publishing is launching a new imprint, called Little A, that will publish literary fiction — novels and collections of stories — and memoir.

Little A joins Amazon’s six other imprints, which focus on genres like romance and science fiction. Until now, literary fiction had been published under the general Amazon Publishing division in New York, and Little A will be part of that division. It will be overseen by senior editor Ed Park.

Upcoming titles from Little A will include James Franco’s novel Actors Anonymous — which Larry Kirshbaum signed back in 2011, and which will be published this October — among others. A digital-only series called Day One will focus on “short stories from debut writers”; those will be sold in the Kindle Singles store.

As with other titles from Amazon’s New York division, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt’s New Harvest imprint will distribute print versions of Little A titles.

Here’s the full mini-announcement:

“Little A is a literary fiction imprint under the Amazon Publishing Group, publishing novels, memoirs and story collections. The first titles to be published under Little A are A.L. Kennedy’s The Blue Book (on sale now), an intricate, heartbreaking story of psychics and cruise ships by the dazzling U.K. author; Jake Arnott’s The House of Rumour (on sale 3/19/13), which weaves the secret histories of science fiction and espionage into a modern classic; Jenny Davidson’s The Magic Circle (on sale 3/26/13), a literary thriller about the culture of gaming; and Shawn Vestal’ s Godforsaken Idaho (on sale 4/2/13), stories of the afterlife, the rugged Northwest, and the early days of Mormonism by a ferociously imaginative new writer. Other 2013 Little A titles will include Dan Kennedy’s American Spirit (on sale 5/28/13), Allison Lynn’s The Exiles (on sale 7/2/13), and James Franco’s Actors Anonymous (on sale 10/15/13).

Day One is a digital-only series within Little A that is focused on short stories from debut writers and is available in North America and in the U.K. The first title, Kodi Scheer’s, haunting, fabulist “When a Camel Breaks Your Heart” was released on February 5, 2013. On March 19, Day One will release “Monster” by McSweeney’s contributor Bridget Clerkin, in which a woman struggles to keep her dysfunctional family together amid unsettling events–the family dog goes missing and an unidentified, mysterious animal corpse washes up on the beach.”

6 Responses to “Amazon Publishing launches literary fiction imprint, Little A”

  1. Patrick Grace

    My sense is that Amazon wants to be the Wal-Mart of book publishing and “do it all,” be a wholesaler, a p.o.d. publisher, an editorial service for aspiring writers, a publisher for everything from literary novels to self-published works of questionable merit, and coming soon, a chain of brick and mortar stores to compete with B&N.
    The New York publishing world has been understandably nervous about all of this, and “nervous” is probably too mild a word.
    Where this all goes from here is anyone’s guess. But the map of Amazon’s ambitions is as I’ve described it above.

    John Patrick Grace
    Huntington, West Virginia

  2. Kelly Bouldin Darmofal

    I would like to know how I may submit a proposal to Little A imprint of The Amazon Publishing Group… Thank you!

    Kelly B. Darmofal

    • Vincent

      You can enter your novel in the ABNA (and win), or you can self publish and hope the book does well enough to grab Amazon’s attention. Or you can get an agent and submit just lie you would to any other big publisher.

      Like Mr. Fritz says, there will probably be open submissions, but you’d have a better chance folding your novel into a paper airplane and going to the top of your building and throwing it toward Amazon than you will of making it in through the slush pile.