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Microsoft explains latest Hotmail, Outlook glitch

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Microsoft(s msft) attributed the March 12 glitch affecting Hotmail and to a temperature spike in one of its data centers. Many users said they had no access to the services on Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. SkyDrive was also affected.

According to a Wednesday Outlook blog post by Microsoft VP Arthur de Haan:

“On the afternoon of the 12th, in one physical region of one of our datacenters, we performed our regular process of updating the firmware on a core part of our physical plant. This is an update that had been done successfully previously, but failed in this specific instance in an unexpected way. This failure resulted in a rapid and substantial temperature spike in the datacenter. This spike was significant enough before it was mitigated that it caused our safeguards to come in to place for a large number of servers in this part of the datacenter.”

Many Hotmail and Outlook users have reported on-going issues with the services since January, when Microsoft started migrating Hotmail users over to Making things harder to track is that not all these issues show up on the Microsoft Live Status page which only reflects problems affecting a “significant” number of users. Microsoft told users who are having issues to log into their account to see for more information on their status.

27 Responses to “Microsoft explains latest Hotmail, Outlook glitch”

  1. apri blake

    on my outlook after spending days without being able to get into my e-mail I now have no address book or contacts. Microsoft never addresses your problem and you try the different so called fixes but they do not even appear on my file or tool button. I have told this comment line that I am not computer savvy but can send e-mails. But Outlook has been nothing but a pain. I am 75 years old being treated for cancer and other ailments. This is my way of keeping in touch with the outside world. However Microsoft does nothing to help,. I am going to try and find an address for Bill Gates but probably will never hear from him either. I will be dead before I can ever use my e-mail like I did with Hotmail. I do not like having to sign in all the time either, You do not listen to your users.

  2. Once I’ve composed a hotmail message and click on ‘Send’, all I get is a rotating circle of little balls marked ‘Sending’. I don’t know if my message has actually been sent until I open the ‘sent messages’ box. What is going on? Furthermore, I m no longer able to attach documents to my emails. Please get your act together, you people at OUTLOOK. Alternatively, please restore the more familiar and user-friendly Hotmail page.

  3. Jodi Seitz Thatcher

    How do we get back our old Hotmail emails and folders and contacts? I don’t want to import social media into my personal email!!! I cannot find any forum with resolutions nor can I find a human at Microsoft to speak to about this issue!!! Help!

  4. Whist waiting for to respond, I typed “Outlook is worse” into Google and “…than Hotmail” is one of the google predictions! A damning verdict.

    And it is STILL not responding!

    Oh hang on…

    Nope, it’s just our new friend “We can’t connect to Outlook at the moment. Please make sure that you’re connected to the Internet and try again”.

    Sort it out please Microsoft.

  5. willofthewisp

    How do I now send attachments? I’ve tried and no matter what I try to send, it says the internet has stopped working and to close the program. I hit okay and it takes me back to the email new message/reply without the attachment. I do not have any viruses. This started today. Please.

  6. Cara Cristi

    Lately, I have tried to send a new email or even just hit reply, but I can’t put any text in the body, AND I have to choose from ‘frequently used contacts’ instead of cut n pasteing an email address into the “To” line. Alsooooo, with my older browser at work, I can no longer use hotmail at the office…


    Cara Cristi

  7. Allan

    Please, please, please can I have my Hotmail back. Outlook only shows me two thirds of my emails because the rest of the screen is blocked by extremely inane messages about using twitter etc. Or I can buy the rest of the page back for $20. We are holding your page to ransom until you send us the money!!!! We’ve gone from Hotmail to blackmail in one jump!! :-(((

  8. I can get into my email, but can’t open any of them..keeps coming up error! Omg, this is frustrating, I’m expecting something extemely important to come through and can only hope this “glitch” is fixed by that time!

  9. Hank

    I have had nothing but problems with with the hotmail upgrade to outlook. I am having such problems in getting it to install in my wife’s consumer cellular cellphone. Can someone help. I keep getting “authorization failure” notices.

  10. Rebecca

    My account was switched a couple of weeks ago from hotmail to outlook. Since then, I have not been able to attach files, even after trying to modify the file extension. It has been super frustrating, and now i am getting reports that files sent to me do not go through, and there is no record, not even in my junk folder. I have had my hotmail account for 10 years, and do not recall having any problems with it. I feel now like i want to throw my computer at a wall. Microsoft please fix this!!

  11. OUTLOOK SUCKS BIG TIME. All I get are error messages and cannot read my emails. I can see them, but I get “done but with errors”. WTF. Please give me my hotmail back. I’ve had my email address for 20 years and I really don’t want to change it but may have no choice. Sometimes it’s better to leave things alone. You know the saying “if it ain’t broke …” well it wasn’t broke, but it is now.

  12. Spector303

    I passionately HATE Outlook, what were they thinking? it’s so ugly and primitive and I’m certain that there are primary school kids out there that would have made a better job of it. I want my HOTMAIL back!

  13. What does it take to make you understand WE DONT WANT OUTLOOK!?!?!?!

    I hate everything about it and from what I’ve read, so do most other hotmail users who had no say in the matter. Why screw around with something that no one was complaining about and then not do something when EVERYONE is complaining about it? Disgusted with the whole thing.

    • This is the worse. I also have had the same Hotmail and MSN accounts for years now I am going to have to switch over to Yahoo. This switch should have come with an option to switch back for those of us that don’t give a damn about intergrating social media platforms! Get your head out of the Clouds Microsoft. One size does not fit all.

  14. DukeCity

    I hate Outlook. It is not user friendly. I contacted the Msft Outlook team with suggestions, they didn’t even bother to respond, of course they didn’t respond to any of Hotmail ideas either. And now they have made Outlook worse than Hotmail. I had started migrating all my AOL mail to MSN a few years ago and now I am migrating back to AOL. Any time I give out my email add or apply to a new newsletter, I use AOL. The skies over there are friendlier.

  15. Borderbully

    Outlook is the most frustrating and stupid thing that’s happened to Hotmail and I hate it. Has anyone tried to figure out how to update your contact list? There is no Contact list as there was in the old Hotmail. I didn’t ask for Outlook and hated it back when Microsoft kept changing over to it from Hotmail. We weren’t even given the option to have it or not. The Microsoft programmers who dreamed up the stupid program should all be fired or sent back to school.

  16. Outlook sucks. More issues with logging on. More e-mails not begin send. Or e-mails being send, but the page not refreshing, therefore sending the e-mail multiple times. More hick-ups and freezes. More unnecessary saved concept e-mails. More issues with responding to mouse clicks and bad response time in general. Etc.
    Not that Hotmail was so great, and I don’t mind the new looks, but the new system itself sucks.

  17. Absolutely hate the new Outlook. The format is childish; it takes more clicks to do some of my basic actions used regularly in email; the spacing is awful, allowing me to see 1/3 of what I used to see without scrolling in writing replies, fewer folders visible on left side; etc. And I actually had been so pleased with some of the newef innovations on Hotmail…the hover actions available, etc. Now everything is slower, more complicated, takes more scrolling, more actions. Sigh! Finally, might be the trigger to make me change email services after 20 years! What a pain!

    • I ABSOLUTELY abhor Outlook for email. I want my regular Hotmail account! I don’t need to see my answers to emails tagged to new incoming correspondence. If there is something in my email history I need to confirm, I can always go to the sent file. I don’t need, and I don’t DON’T want Outlook!

  18. Surprising that a localised failure in a single data centre took down 2 services that are core to Microsoft’s online strategy. Either they don’t have a proper redundant setup (unlikely) or there was some further failure they’re not talking about.

    • David Powell

      You said it, attachments are buggy in Outlook and the layout sucks. Attachments have not worked right for a week now MSFT won’t let me post on their forums anymore. :P

      I did everything they said to do, it didn’t work, now I magically cannot post to tell them this anymore…