Google augments reality with Field Trip app for iOS [video]


Google(s GOOG) has a lot of information at its disposal, and it’s using it to great effect in its Field Trip app. The app debuted on Android devices last fall, but it just arrived on iOS last week. Using notifications and an optional Bluetooth connection, Field Trip turns your phone into the ultimate tour guide.

It was created by Niantic Labs, which acts as a startup within Google. The premise of Field Trip is very practical: Whether you’re interested in random historical or architectural trivia, are looking for fun things to do with your kids, want to see what local stores are offering deals, or just where the new speakeasy or hipster donut shop is that everyone’s been talking about, Field Trip can show you. Using the iPhone’s location services, the app will show you stuff as you pass by it. You can set your preferences for how often you get the notifications and how much or little you see of each source’s content.

But what it’s doing is basically augmented reality: the phone is using location data to help us interpret the physical world around us. Here’s a quick look at the iOS version:



Your player plays ads, but not content. Clever, very clever.

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