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CBS launches an iOS app to stream full episodes of some shows

CBS (s CBS) on Thursday launched an iOS (s AAPL) app that offers full episodes of primetime shows a week after they air. Daytime and late-night shows are available to watch within 24 hours of airing. Android (s GOOG) and Windows 8 (s MSFT) apps are on the way.

The app lets people “watch CBS shows on the best screen available for them,” CBS Interactive president Jim Lanzone said in a statement, “with a host of extra features that give them a richer viewing experience whenever and wherever they tune in.” Those extra features, which will be integrated “by the start of the Fall TV season,” will include “integrated social feeds; live events that allow fans to engage directly with talent; and second-screen experiences synched to the broadcast with additional content for select shows.”

Shows available through the app include NCISThe Good WifeSurvivorCSI and How I Met Your Mother, among others. But full episodes of some well-known shows, like The Big Bang Theory and The Mentalist, are missing from the app even though they’re available through CBS’s website. And the app does not provide a way to catch up on past seasons, or even all of a current season: only select episodes are available.

Other networks are also experimenting with offering streaming through their apps. NBC allows streaming of some shows through its iOS app, for example, while Fox only lets users stream full episodes through its “Fox Now” app if they authenticate their subscription to a TV provider.

7 Responses to “CBS launches an iOS app to stream full episodes of some shows”

  1. Thanks for the news, Laura. It sounds like CBS has a solid app there. I might check it out later today after I get home from my shift at DISH. It better offer some special features if it wants to compete, because I don’t have room on my phone for an app from over 250 networks that I subscribe to. I’d rather have just one app that streams all of my live TV channels and DVR recordings too; that’s what I have with my DISH Anywhere app. It’s awesome; last week I took my son to the doctor’s office, and it was pretty crowded. We didn’t mind, because we passed the time by watching Nick JR until it was our turn with the doc.

  2. They already had an app. It was not sized for iPads though. I installed the new one. It locked up. Might have been my internet.

    Of course, It didn’t have Person of Interest to view on demand. I missed the last episode because of ball games being on it being moved to wee hours of the morning. So, if I have to buy something to record shows they don’t stream, why do I need this? Sigh. When are they going to realize that while some will probably never get high speed internet, most peoples viewing habits have changed.

  3. Digirati

    Seems like this still DONT GET IT. One has to be very daft and oblivious to environmental changes. Another newspaper type company in the making.

  4. Kazuya Mishima

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