Bloomberg all but confirms Samsung Galaxy S 4 features. Any surprises left?


This Thursday, Samsung will introduce its Galaxy S 4 smartphone in New York City. I’ll be there to cover the event and see the handset. But there may be little in the way of surprises at this point: On Wednesday, Bloomberg reported on several of the phone’s specifications provided to them by “two people familiar with the product.” And if you were hoping for something vastly different in the Galaxy S 4 compared to previous reports, you might want to reset your expectations.

Over the weekend, I wrote up what I features and functions I though the Galaxy S 4 will have and if Bloomberg’s sources are correct, I wasn’t far off. Per Bloomberg:

“The phone will sport a 5-inch screen, slightly larger than the one on last year’s S3, according to two people familiar with the product. The U.S. version will use Qualcomm Inc.’s quad-core chip, giving the phone more processing power to handle multiple tasks at the same time, they said. In other markets, it will rely on Samsung’s “octacore” eight-core chip, the people said.”

I didn’t speculate on the Galaxy S 4 camera, because I inadvertently forgot to. Bloomberg’s sources fill that gap by saying the Galaxy S 4 will use a 13-megapixel camera. I’d expect some innovation in the sensor or optics as megapixels alone don’t guarantee high-quality images.

Smart Stay Galaxy Note 2Samsung’s eye-scrolling feature reportedly won’t be included with the Galaxy S 4, says Bloomberg’s sources, but it could appear in the future. The hardware to enable such functionality is already available in Samsung devices, so it could be added in a software update.

I still stand by my predictions of the Galaxy S 4 shipping with 2 GB of memory and Android(s goog) 4.2 as well as support for the new 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi standard. And nobody has given me any reason to think this won’t be another plastic-based handset with design cues similar to the company’s Galaxy Note 2.

At this point, I’m not expecting any magical unknown features in Samsung’s newest handset to be shared tomorrow. But as I noted earlier this week: That probably won’t matter when it comes to successful sales.



What O/S will it have Android – 4.1, 4.2, 5.0, or Tizen. I read at Beetel Bite that it will have 4.2 cause others cannot be possible please reply fast.


What time is the New York event being broadcast Live on YouTube tonight ?


Hope you get out some while back there, Kevin. New York is far more interesting than whatever Samsung’s come up with.

Nicholas Paredes

Is Samsung unable to sustain innovation? It is fascinating to read the thoughts about Apple and their ability to innovate post-Steve and not see similarities.


Not much to innovate on anymore from a hardware perspective, all the latest bells & whistles are in the phone already. Would have liked to see a S4 mini which is the same form factor as the iPhone to really upset the market. The innovations now will be on software level, and there they have Google and the open source community as partners, so innovation will still be faster than the rest of the industry.


Does anyone know if the 4 is waterproof and/or shock proof? I heard this so I was holding out buying the 3 and waiting for the 4. (I work on a boat dock…


I guess the phone you’re looking for is the Sony Xperia Z which is a fully waterproof smartphone.


You’re just another desperate apple fanboy who’s unable to cope with a company other than apple being number 1 and having the media spotlight. My advice to you is find a football team or go to church worshipping apple just became worshipping a loser.

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