Two days before launch, reported Samsung Galaxy S 4 video leaks


A Chinese forum that shared pictures of an alleged Samsung Galaxy S 4 on Monday now has video of the phone in use. Samsung hasn’t yet officially announced its new flagship phone but is expected to do so on Thursday this week. The phone in the video, found by Sammy Hub, has two SIM card slots, so if this is the Galaxy S 4, it’s likely a variant for certain overseas markets. Unfortunately, the video doesn’t show off any new software features expected in the Galaxy S 4.

Assuming this is what Samsung’s new phone will look like, some may be disappointed because it uses the same form and design cues found in the Galaxy Note 2 and last year’s S 3 handset. I still believe that won’t hurt sales — if there aren’t any major physical changes in the new phone, that is — because Samsung is adding useful features on top of Android(s goog) that competing handsets simply don’t have: eye-tracking to keep the display on when in use and two apps running on the display simultaneously, for example.

If this is the Galaxy S 4 hardware, and has the expected internals and Samsung software features, are you interested or is the same ol’ design just that: old?



2013 Year of Sammy, Bye Bye iSheep. No more Apple Juice to drink!! Even Blackberry has a better product than Apple. Agreed here nothing ground breaking. What happens if your outside or have glasses. How can it track your eyes? Phablet size! Liike like Apple, has blackberry style battery. Great job sammy. It can still be hacked. Q10 is only rock solid phone today bar none!

Some Guy

I think the Sony Xperia Z is the best looking phone so far. I hope it makes it way to the US.

Craig Campbell

Frankly, the Galaxy S III was, for me, the best phone I have ever owned. I swapped up to a Galaxy Note II which, while it’s awesome and I love it, I sometimes find it just a tad too large, and often regret selling my GSIII. Yes, it’s plasticky, but I loved the way it felt in my hand, and I think it was the perfect size. If the GSIV is mainly just a souped up GSIII, that’ll be just fine with me!

I completely agree, the HTC One is absolutely beautiful, but I’m not a huge fan of Sense – I think Touchwiz is far less intrusive, and I actually – believe it or not – like it (mostly). My biggest problem with the One though, is likely to be the non-removable battery.

I have had an HTC Thunderbolt, and a Sensation. Both came equipped with woefully insufficient batteries. This is a pattern for HTC. If the reviews on battery life come out well for the One, I could definitely be swayed – but so far, HTC has zero trust from me on the battery front.

Mike Cerm

They’re going to sell like 100 million of these things no matter what… and it seems like that is what’s guiding their design decisions. Consumers don’t care about the low-quality materials or the boring design. Still, Samsung should be ashamed of themselves. For just a little bit more money, they could design a work of art the way that Apple or HTC does. Instead, they make the cheapest piece of junk they can get away with, and then market the hell out of it. But they have limitless resources, and shouldn’t have to make these kinds of trade-offs.

Graham Plumb

Funny there is an apple commercial in the back ground :)

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