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Startup Strongloop brings supported Node.js to Red Hat

Strongloop, founded by heavy-hitting Node.js committers Bert Belder, Ben Noordhuis and Al Tsang. has come out with a version of the popular server-side language for Red Hat(s rhat) Linux. Since Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) is the Linux of choice for many enterprises, this is a significant development for the growing community of Node.js programmers and for enterprise developers who want a supported version of the language for their own work.

While there has been a Node.js download available for RHEL and its cousins Fedora and CentOS via the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM), there was no formal support from Red Hat or Joyent (the company behind Node.js) and Node.js itself is not included in the Red Hat distribution. Besides Red Hat/CentOS release 6.3, Strongloop Node also supports:

  • Debian/Ubuntu 12.10 (DEB)
  • Mac OS X Mountain Lion 10.8 (PKG)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 (MSI)

The official support and service that Strongloop provides could be critical for RHEL developers who want to make use of Node.js’ event-driven talents. Now if a RHEL developer has an issue or problem with Node.js he or she has to go to the mailing list for help. “Now they can get support from us and we write Node.js,” Tsang told me.

As Joyent CTO Jason Hoffman once told GigaOM, Node.js is a very good way to write high-performance servers that need to handle APIs and facilitate very fast data ingress and egress. Those are attributes that might come in handy for enterprise developers.

Strongloop’s news comes the same day Node.js v. 10.0 debuted.

4 Responses to “Startup Strongloop brings supported Node.js to Red Hat”

  1. Diane and Guest, we’re talking about two totally separate things here. Node.js is already “supported” (meaning that is is available and can run) on many Linux based platforms as well as Windows and Mac OS X. What StrongLoop is offering is support on Node.js itself as part of our distribution with the platforms we have built our installers on.

    If there is a bug with the Node.js core for v0.10.0, StrongLoop 1.0.0 subscription support subscribers will be able to have this kind of support addressed by StrongLoop.

    Hope that clarifies things!

  2. Barb,
    Do you understand your statement?
    “there was no formal support from Red Hat”

    We have Node.js running in RHEL in a production environment for a SaaS app. You just compile Node.js and you are in business. The beauty of Node.js is that there is no need for any support.

    Pl be careful when you make these blank statements.