Oops! 6Wunderkinder accidentally reveals details of upcoming Wunderlist Pro

Professional users of 6Wunderkinder’s popular Wunderlist task management app look set to get a range of new features, as a “top secret” email to selected customers has revealed.

On Monday the Berlin-based company’s Twitter account briefly spewed out links to a newsletter inviting the intended recipients to sign up early for a Wunderlist Pro account. Judging from the sneaky feature preview allowed by this accident, Wunderlist Pro will give teams more collaborative features – perhaps some of the functionality that was included in the axed Wunderkit project-management product.

According to the newsletter, these are the features to look out for:

  • Assign to-dos to specific people on your team to know who is responsible for what
  • An unlimited amount of sub-tasks allows you to split your project in smaller steps no matter how big it is
  • 8 new backgrounds let you style Wunderlist the way you want it
  • Work seamlessly together in teams by sharing lists and tasks with an unlimited amount of people on all devices and platforms
  • Get access to latest beta versions and be amongst the first to use new features

A spokeswoman for the company told me that the newsletter was only supposed to reach “a small group of 5,000 users” and that it was sent out to help 6Wunderkinder figure out its pricing strategy for Wunderlist Pro – as it stands, the quoted price in the newsletter I saw was $4.99 per month (others apparently saw $3.99 and other prices, so the team was clearly testing out various options).

If all goes well, she added, Pro accounts will become available in April.