Flash memory, the cloud and software-defined storage in 2013

When flash memory hit the consumer market, it transformed the user experience in ways no one could have anticipated. The new experience completely transformed the HDD-based mobile consumer device market. When flash memory floods the enterprise storage market in 2013, it will have similar effects, though the situation for enterprise will be much more complex.

Looking at data center architecture, for example, cloud-based storage is bulldozing convention in the design of data centers. Further, the emergence of “software-defined storage” platforms is making the decision-making process for designing IT infrastructure nothing short of perplexing.

New and accelerated deployments of VDI, big data, server virtualization and performance-hungry databases will place growing pressure on enterprise infrastructure. The need for better storage will produce innovation opportunities in the data center. Some organizations will certainly face pitfalls in architectural decision making.

Key topics of discussion:

  • How IT infrastructure is impacted by major shifts in storage technology in 2013
  • What happens when cloud architecture and flash memory collide
  • When and where to apply flash memory and software-defined storage architectures
  • The emerging role of software-defined storage architectures
  • How an organization can capitalize — or falter — on decisions this year
  • How to use storage as a strategic differentiator for your organization

Speakers include:

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