TouchPal: A Windows 8 keyboard that predicts, swipes and types


TouchPal, a versatile software keyboard long available for Android(s goog) and iOS(s aapl) devices is now on the big screen: Microsoft(s msft) Windows 8 computers. On Thursday, CooTek, the company behind the software announced its new Windows 8 touchscreen support.

The free keyboard software is meant to speed up input while also making it easier to type, doing so with an on-screen keyboard that can be configured and resized. Word prediction is also a feature. And fans of the Swype keyboard interface used by many mobile keyboards will be happy to see gesture-based typing. You can trace out words by sliding your finger from letter to letter using the TouchPal Curve function:

There’s certainly nothing wrong with the default software keyboard that Microsoft includes with Windows 8, but it’s nice to see some third-party options in the market. Even better: some of the better functions found in mobile device keyboards are making their way onto larger displays to help improve the typing experience.



Thanks Kevin, great recommendation. I was looking for something like this for my tablet.

Kevin C. Tofel

Not exactly. Swype was developed independently, first for Android and later for other devices (including some Nokia phones). It was purchased by Nuance.

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