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Live blog: Facebook’s News Feed redesign event

There’s not much debate about what’s going to take place Thursday morning at Facebook’s (s fb) headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif.: the company has already said that it’s going to unveil an update to its service’s News Feed, the most vital part of the Facebook experience and one that hasn’t seen an update in quite a while.

But we’re still not sure exactly how Facebook might change the design and/or features of this service. Until the event starts at 10am PT, check out my thoughts on the things Facebook really shouldn’t break in this update.

2 Responses to “Live blog: Facebook’s News Feed redesign event”

  1. Slayerwulfe

    one comment (this is not one) so far say’s it all. instagram a big yes & the new chat. getting away from parentage, a father shooting his daughters computer (feb. 2012 on U tube) old ppl like it, U will not hear from the young were at places U do not know about. there is a Biblical Exodus from facebook happening and the Pharoah will not stop it.
    slayerwulfe cave