Google launches (and sells out of) a $30 Nexus 7 dock


In the better late than never category, Google introduced a simple dock for its Nexus 7 tablet on Wednesday evening. The $29.99 accessory charges a Nexus 7 while propping it up in landscape mode. A 3.5-millimeter headphone jack in the dock supports external speakers when playing music from the tablet, which also supports wireless music playback over Bluetooth. Sadly, in what’s becoming a recurring theme, the dock is sold out as of Thursday morning.


I bought a Nexus 7 after reviewing one last July but later sold it in favor of an iPad mini(s aapl); not because Google’s(s goog) tablet didn’t have a dock available, but because I use multiple mobile platforms to maintain perspective. If I still had my Nexus 7, however, I’d be quite miffed for two reasons. It really shouldn’t take a half-year or more to introduce simple accessories for a product. And once they finally arrive, why add insult to injury by not producing enough inventory?

Nexus 7 dock inventoryThe odd thing to me is that it’s not as if Google doesn’t know how many Nexus 7 tablets have been sold. Yes, the tablet can be purchased outside of the Google Play store at some brick-and-mortar retailers, but Google surely keeps track of Nexus 7 activations.

While it can’t predict demand perfectly, Google — with all of its data and algorithms — should have a better handle on expected demand; especially if it wants to really compete in the hardware market with Nexus devices, Chromebooks and Chromeboxes.

This post was updated at 10:15 am to correctly say the dock works in landscape, not portrait, mode with the Nexus 7.



It hasn’t been so long since Google stepped into the tablet market. Nexus 7 features some exciting things but Google has to be more productive in fulfilling the needs of their customers as everybody is eyeing on the products of Google.

If you want to get more background about tablet market you may want to read this market overview:


Well, since it’s only corning fit I was forced to get a Seido Active Case for it. I wouldn’t have bought the dock anyways. They need to come out with a Nexus 7 II with gorilla glass, front camera and a not so crappy speaker instead of wasting their time on this dock on a year old tablet.

Will Stone

alright i’m gonna order a nexus 7 and design a dock for my hobby 3d-printing site, any requests? hdmi? usb host? lmk (submit an ‘idea’)

Alex Moffat

Compatibility with cases would be nice. And Pogo pin spots for those that want to take it to the next level.


appears to be a landscape instead of portrait.

I wonder if being sold out is a marketing ploy.


They don’t have to get their forecasts right. but given the delay with this accessory they could have at least risked a few million dollars on an inventory cushion.

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