We’re looking for a reporter who can tell great stories about emerging technology

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At GigaOM, we’re all about emerging technology — particularly emerging technology that’s disruptive. We believe there are certain technology shifts, like big data or the cloud, or advances in mobile networks or the spread of digital media, that aren’t mere trends: They are part of fundamental changes in how businesses run and in how we live.

But these big ideas weren’t always big ideas. They may have first popped up in a research paper somewhere, or surfaced when a couple of no-name startups began offering a new product or service. Over time, they’ve become powerful movements. We like to think we were ahead of the pack in spotting some of them before they became truly disruptive.

We’re looking for a reporter who can build on that tradition: We want someone who has a deep interest in technology and science, and business and innovation — and who has a knack for finding interesting and important stories before other reporters.

This person would be a sort of roving emerging-technology reporter, schmoozing with researchers and engineers and technologists to learn about cool projects in the works and ideas that are bubbling up. Who’s doing the most interesting research on 3D printing? What are scientists buzzing about in the world of robotics? What’s coming down the road in materials science? This reporter will tell us.

The ideal candidate will be able to take complex ideas and turn them into clear and compelling stories. He or she will be able to write news stories about research and technologies, and also come up with memorable features about the people and companies and challenges behind these projects. This person should be comforable writing a range of different types of posts — shorter, longer, newsier, bloggier, graphical and so on.

We’re looking for a reporter who is curious, plugged in, and, of course, a great colleague.

If this describes you, please drop us a email at jobs@gigaom.com

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Arrested Development

That’s basically my dream job, but I don’t have the qualifications (yet). Ah well…

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