Bad Wi-Fi signal? Linkase iPhone 5 case boasts a 50% boost


Wouldn’t it be great if an iPhone(s aapl) case increased wireless speeds while protecting the phone at the same time? That’s exactly what the Linkase for iPhone claims to do. The case includes a slide-out antenna that looks like it’s part of the case. According to Absolute Technology, the company behind the Linkase, it “is fueled by EMW technology (electromagnetic waveguide) and is designed with an embedded proprietary sliding antenna that dramatically boosts a Wi-Fi signal—by up to 50 percent.”

Normally when I hear such claims, I raise an eyebrow. But these videos of the case in action have my brow falling back down; at least part-way until I can see the Linkase myself:

The tests on camera look legitimate, but again, I plan to check out this technology for myself: a Linkase review unit is on the way for my iPhone 5. And I have some definite near-dead-zones in my home to use for testing, even with a new 802.11 a/c router that has generally fixed most of my Wi-Fi coverage and speed issues. Personally, I’d be happy to get a consistent signal — even with minimal speeds — in rooms furthest away from my router.

For now, there’s no price or availability for the Linkase on the product web page. That information is listed as coming soon. If it works as advertised — offering up to 50 percent boost in Wi-Fi speeds for the iPhone 5, what would you be willing to pay? I’d drop $50 on it for sure as I’ve already spend that much for nice cases that don’t do a thing for my iPhone’s Wi-Fi speeds.

Update: I’ve heard from the company that the case will retail for $49.95 and retail availability is expected within the next 30-60 days. Right in my target price range!


Mike Silva

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Kevin C. Tofel

I’ve done some high level testing, Grant, and see some promise. I have some detailed tests to run yet, though. I plan to show this off on video soon for folks to see how it performs.


if you look the last image in the outside view, the wifi signal bar is still at 1 bar !
looks fake?

Steven L

There’s a couple things I’m wondering about. First, the fellow makes a show of noting that the WiFi signal is at one bar. After raising the antenna, at 1:20 you can see that the antenna is still at one bar. Second, I’m interested in why the latency changed only negligibly before and after, or rather, how the latency (remember, Speedtest shows the total latency between the test server to the access point to the phone) was so low to begin with despite the weak signal.

Incidentally, this phone appears to be jailbroken, as the cell bars are showing (meaning it’s not in airplane mode), but no carrier name is shown.

Kevin C. Tofel

All good questions – my iPhone 5 isn’t jailbroken and I’ll put this through the paces on video to see if does work as advertised.

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