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Video: Why you shouldn’t care about securing the Internet of things just yet

Does thinking about privacy and security at the developing states of the internet of things hinder innovators’ ability to build an open system? That’s one of several questions that Usman Haque of Cosm asks in his presentation from the GigaOM internet of things meetup we did last week in San Francisco.

In his presentation Haque notes that we tend to think about the internet of things as already here, but just because something is connected to the internet, doesn’t mean it’s truly part of an internet of things with all of the openness and opportunity that might connote. Instead he presents some fears about what might derail the opportunity the internet of things represents. It’s a funny and thought-provoking talk that imagines a business model for the internet of things that relies on sharing revenue and open data.

We’ll be running videos of the other presenters from our San Francisco IoT Meetup all week long, so grab a snack and take a break from email to check out some smart people discussing the Internet of things. And if you want to check one of these out in person, come to our Boulder, Colo. meetup on March 13.

(NOTE: There is a brief hiccup halfway through this video as we had to switch out SD cards during his talk. Apologies for the rough jump.)

5 Responses to “Video: Why you shouldn’t care about securing the Internet of things just yet”

  1. Kurt Stammberger CISSP, PMC

    Haque’s comments that “thinking about security will stifle IOT connectivity” (I’m paraphrasing) belie a fundamental misunderstanding of how security technology works. A system that authenticates its users and protects its data from theft or misappropriation does not make it less connective. In fact, systems with standards-based security protocols are easier to connect to than not, because their engineers are forced to make the devices communicate in standardized ways, and software developers can’t create their own custom “shortcuts” around protocols.

    • Gary D

      That’s a bit of a mischaracterization of what he’s saying, which is that constantly using security, efficiency and privacy as a starting point for developing IoT systems (which is standard fare at all sorts of industry org events) is not going to result in the scale benefits often touted. Instead using the linking potential and scalable interconnectivity of all these appliances and devices as the starting point (which presupposes strong security models) will make us think more out of the box about possible products.

      I’m not sure understand his proposed business model diagram though.

  2. Justin Botelho

    The meetup on March 13 sounds like a great discussion. Unfortunately, I will be out of town for work. Any chance there is another one planned for Boulder (or Colorado) in the near future?