The app of summer: MLB’s At Bat ’13 is a home run [video]


As good as it might sound, you can’t possibly spend every moment of the baseball season planted on a couch or a bar stool in front of a TV or at the stadium. You’ll have to go on about your daily life and responsibilities, but it doesn’t mean you  have to miss much of the action. MLB produces its own mobile app for fans to follow each game from their smartphone or other mobile device and this year’s edition, At Bat ’13, just arrived.

It comes with a few new features this year, including access to a lot of classic game footage. There are a couple of different subscription levels and pricing available, depending on your interest level/obsession with the game.

Here’s a video overview of what’s new in At Bat for the 2013 season.


Scott Baldwin

Great video Erica and I’ve been a big fan of this app and the package for a few years now.

The classic game footage is an interesting add and something the NHL GameCenter app did too. Seems like its the future for all the sports apps


Note: If you want to watch your “in market” team … You will not be happy with the app. I am not sure if there is a way to only get radio broadcasts anymore.

Also, you cannot watch any games in market. For instance, I live in NC. My favorite team is the Tigers. If they play (home or away) Baltimore, Washington, Cincinnati or Atlanta, I cannot see them play. The sad part is that none of those games are broadcast in my area. I can listen to the radio broadcast, so that helps some.

Other than that, I love that I can watch my Tigers. :)


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Erica Ogg reminded me today that this should finally be the year I start subscribing to MLB TV. If you don’t know what this streaming service is, you either do not follow professional baseball, or do not spend much time with a smartphone, tablet, or game console. MLB TV, as a service, has been around for a few years now and their ‘At Bat’ application has really matured and offers some incredible features for the MLB fan in you.

The premium package allows you to watch out of market games on a number of devices and includes the 2013 At Bat application for your phone and/or tablet. Why does this service suit me well? For one, I moved far away from home, where I still would like to follow my favorite team. I own and Xbox, a Kindle Fire HD, and work from home the majority of the time. Given the technology I have available and the ease of use in following my favorite team, the price of the service makes sense.

Even outside of following your favorite out of market team, you can follow any team and watch any game, as well as pickup their home or away broadcasts. You get the freedom of choice and the ultimate baseball experience as a fan. The 2013 MLB season is right around the corner and if you haven’t been an MLB.TV subscriber in the past, there’s no better time to jump in.

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