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Single-language no more: Apprenda adds Java to its .NET-centric platform

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Apprenda is a bit of anomaly. It’s a tech company based not in Silicon Valley or Redmond or Cambridge but outside Albany, N.Y. While rivals tout the appeal of public Platform as a Service (PaaS),  Apprenda holds that private PaaS is the way to go — at least if you want paying customers. And, it eschewed the multi-language goal of many rivals to focus on .NET (s msft) applications only. Until now that is.

Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller
Apprenda CEO Sinclair Schuller

As of now, Apprenda will also support Java, says CEO Sinclair Schuller. It’s not really a huge surprise, even though Schuller was a vocal proponent of single-langauge PaaSes . Last May, he told GigaOM if he were forced to choose a second language to support, Java would be it.

Well the time has come. “Our thesis has been we want to be the enterprise PaaS and for that we’ll tackle the two languages that make up 80 percent of the [corporate] application portfolio,” Schuller said in a recent interview. “Some companies are 60 percent/40 percent Java, some 60 percent/40 percent .NET but Java and .Net are always in there.”

Apprenda counts Honeywell and Diebold as reference customers and now adds JP MorganChase(s jpm) to the list. The country’s largest bank has decided to develop, deploy and maintain all its custom .NET and Java applications on Apprenda. At a time when many of the multi-language public PaaSes have a hard time naming real customers, this is something of a coup.

These customers use Apprenda for applications for handling  patient relationship management, oncology treatment, mortgage management, inventory management and predictive analytics for retail and other verticals, Schuller said.


One Response to “Single-language no more: Apprenda adds Java to its .NET-centric platform”

  1. .NET is not a language – it is a “framework”. So if Apprenda supports C# and VB.NET (or any other .NET languages) it is already multi-language.

    Java is both a language and a platform (the VM). The platform supports multiple languages including Java.

    From what I can tell it seems to support the Java platform (JVM) – “…It means that developers get optimized experiences for their favorite IDEs, that the CLR and JVM are enhanced in a workload specific way, ….”

    And thus it probably supports Java and Groovy and Scala and ….