Chart: Cisco owns the switching and routing world


While Cisco (s csco) may see long-term threats to its business from software-defined networking, VoIP and competing collaboration and video conferencing products, the networking giant is sitting pretty with 54 percent of the market share in the six networking categories shown below for 2012.

Research from Synergy shows that Cisco has the lion’s share of the market in switches and routing, reaching roughly 65 percent and 70 percent respectively. In 2012 the six main segments within the enterprise networking market generated $45 billion in revenues for technology vendors, with Ethernet switches now accounting for almost half of all spending.


So even as Cisco comes off a successful reorganization and faces existential threats to its networking business from the commodification of the router, it’s daunting to see what its fighting to keep. It will not go gently.

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The title of this article is mis-leading. You might want to change it to “Cisco owns the enterprise switching and routing world.”


The amount of hardware / software / support contracts the US Government alone buys from them each year can keep them in business. It would be interesting to see that chart broken out to just them.

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