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Amazon scales up its Cloud Player music app for the iPad and iPad mini

Amazon’s(s AMZN) streaming music service, Cloud Player, has been available on iOS for more than six months, but designed for an iPhone(s aapl) or iPod touch screen. But as of Wednesday, it’s now optimized for both the larger display of the iPad and the slightly smaller iPad mini, Amazon(s amzn) announced Wednesday.

The service lets you stream music you already own from the cloud or store songs locally. The first 250 songs can be stored for free, but for $25 a year users can store up to 250,000 songs.

Cloud Player was once only available for Android users. But the company has expanded its music app’s reach to iOS, as well as to cars. In January Ford announced that it was adding Cloud Player to its FordSync(s f) connected car platform.

The Cloud Player app is free on iOS and the latest update is available in the App Store as of Wednesday morning.