8 Responses to “Meet OneAPI, the technology that could make carriers relevant in mobile apps”

    • Anita Paul

      This is not Aepona technology, but an exchange built by Apigee for the GSMA. This solution deals with multiple APIs, scales across operators, and handles the end to end business process from application verification through to inter-operator billing and revenue reporting. The main distinction however is the ability for operators to take part using their own proprietary APIs rather than conform to the One API standard, thus making it much easier to integrate and scale.

  1. The boat has left the wharf; it’s too late for authentication at this level. Further multiple security domains (for PayPal, Banks, FB, In, eBay, etc) are actually useful. Especially as we all begin to use multiple devices to access the same services.

  2. Annonymous

    Kevin I do understand that your role at Gigaom is to cover all carrier related news but with all due respect the track record of GSMA is abysmal as far as APIs are concerned. They are bunch of pre-internet guys who don’t understand what APIs and internet means. Even with Apigees expertise I don’t expect the APIs to work.

    • Kevin Fitchard

      Normally I would agree with you, Anonymous. When I first encountered this I was highly skeptical. Everything else the industry has done to create an API framework has fallen flat. I assumed there would still be a lot of fragmentation, rendering the APIs useless to devs.

      But what Apigee has done here is really impressive. They weren’t able to solve the carrier fragmentation problem, but they seem to have found a workaround that would effectively accomplish the same goal.

      You’re right we still have to wait and see how it works, and if the rest of the world’s carriers don’t sign up for the exchange then it will be doomed to failure as well. But for the first time I think carriers understand why overcoming that fragmentation is important.