Former Square executive Keith Rabois to join Khosla Ventures as investor

Keith Rabois, the longtime Silicon Valley tech executive who most recently left Square as COO in January after sexual harassment allegations, plans to announce Tuesday morning that he’s joining Khosla Ventures in March as an investor.

“We’re known for big bets and bold swings, and not being like a traditional venture investment firm,” said Vinod Khosla, founder of the firm and who Om feels is one of the Valley’s “super VCs,” in an interview discussing Rabois’ addition.

“We look for people who’ve earned the right to advise entrepreneurs. So we look for people who entrepreneurs look out for and who say, ‘I want you on my board, I want you as a mentor,'” Khosla said. “And Keith, as I did my reference checks in the Valley, he was really at the top of every CEO’s list.”

Rabois’ next move has been a topic of interest among the technology community, considering his past expertise at companies like PayPay, LinkedIn, Slide, and others. His addition to Khosla was suggested by Kara Swisher at AllThingsD this past weekend, after The Wall Street Journal wrote that he might join Airbnb.

“I love Khosla Ventures’ vision and passion for assisting the next generation of entrepreneurs,” Rabois said in a statement. “The Khosla team encourages entrepreneurs to be bold. And the team’s legendary work ethic ensures that entrepreneurs will receive the best possible assistance.”

In January Rabois stepped down from Square, where he was COO, after allegations of sexual harassment by a fellow employee. Square strongly backed Rabois, and the executive wrote in a personal blog post that he had engaged in a relationship with that employee but that it had been mutual. Khosla Ventures did not comment on Rabois’ legal issues. Khosla serves on Square’s board, as Square is one of the firm’s portfolio companies.

“I couldn’t be more excited to see two of the top entrepreneurs I know, join forces at Khosla Ventures to support and coach the next generation of entrepreneurs the world over,” said Square founder Jack Dorsey in a released statement.