Android’s falling share of the enterprise bad news for Google, big opportunity for Samsung

Good Technology’s latest mobile device activation analysis was overshadowed yesterday by all the news coming out of MWC in Barcelona, but those following the enterprise market should take a close look. The developer of mobile device management software said Apple’s iOS accounted for nearly 77 percent of new corporate activations during the fourth quarter of 2012, up from 71 percent during the same period in 2011. As CITEWorld notes, Apple gadgets claimed the top five spots during the quarter, with the iPhone 5 accounting for nearly one-third of new activations. Android, on the other hand, saw its share of the enterprise market dip to 22.7 percent from 29 percent during the year-ago period.

Android’s waning share of the corporate market comes even as Google’s mobile operating system dominates the overall worldwide market. While the BYOD trend continues to grow in the enterprise, many businesses are still unwilling to support the platform. That’s because Android is much more difficult for IT departments to control than iOS is: There are many more Android devices, fragmentation remains a major problem, and malware is a bigger threat on Google’s platform.

But those factors present a huge opportunity for Samsung, which hopes to make inroads to the corporate world this year by offering an enterprise-worthy line of devices running a superior version of Android. User demand for Android gadgets is clearly very high, so if Samsung can assuage the fears of IT workers by creating super-secure Android gadgets, it could give Android a huge boost in the enterprise.