Podcast: PlayStation Snore? Google’s Pixel, and were Tesla’s earnings electric?

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Credit: Courtesy of Katie Fehrenbacher, Gigaom

It’s a week of new things on the GigaOM Podcast. Tom Krazit has stepped in as the new co-host as Erica Ogg went off and launched her own app review video series. Sony (s SNE) talked (and talked and talked and talked) about it’s new PlayStation 4 console. Google (s GOOG) unveiled a heavy duty Chromebook Pixel. And finally, we look at how Tesla (s TSLA) is doing with its new Model S.


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Co-hosts: Chris Albrecht and Tom Krazit
Ryan Davis, Sr. Editor, GiantBomb.com
Katie Fehrenbacher, Sr. Writer, GigaOM

00:00 – 12:14 – Sony reveals some stuff about the PS4
12:15 – 20:51 – Chromebook Pixel, the laptop with a touch
20:52 – 29:04 – Tesla’s earnings will shock you! (not really)(well, maybe)

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Ryan Davis is the best. Thanks to him, I will visit this site periodically.

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