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GigaOM Pro: Three trends that could transform the energy efficient data center

GigaOM Pro analyst Adam Lesser geeked out with Power Assure CTO Clemens Pfeiffer, and came away with three undercover trends that could transform the data center with energy efficiency. You can read the entire post here, but here’s tidbits of the three trends:

  • 1) You say AC, I say DC.
  • 2) Could building management systems (BMS) take a backseat to DCIM?
  • 3) Demand response and the data center.

Also read Adam’s take on:

One Response to “GigaOM Pro: Three trends that could transform the energy efficient data center”

  1. Suminderpal Singh

    Interesting ideas Katie.

    1) The concept of DC power in data centers has been around for decades and it has not gained much traction. Only big boys like Google or Facebook can walk in this direction but I am not sure about the ROI vs. investment. BTW, MWatt UPSs are approaching 97 to 98% efficiency. I am not sure how much more you can squeeze.

    2) Siemens, ABB, GE & Schneider (till they acquired APC) have never been big players in data centers. And I am not sure about the relationship between datacenter efficiency and BMS.

    3) Demand Response in datacenter. Humm!! Interesting concept. When I was in data center world, the consulting engineers or data center managers were never going to risk their careers on new technology. And for them uptime was more important than saving energy. I am not sure things if things have changed much. There were networked power strips available almost 20 years ago where one could shut down loads on need basis, but most data center managers were using them to recycle hung servers.