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Square introduces “Business in a Box” to set stores up with hardware

Square plans to sell a “Business in a Box” package that includes two Square Readers, an iPad stand, a cash drawer, and an optional receipt printer, it announced Wednesday. The items will all work together to allow business owners to accept credit card purchases, furthering the company’s mission of simplifying payments.

Square reader cash register business in a box“Square Register serves as the full point-of-sale system for businesses to accept payments, track sales, and share item and location information,” the company wrote in the press release. “Historically, business owners were forced to piece together multiple hardware components from various manufacturers, manage complicated contracts and pricing structures, and pay for expensive software licensing and service plans. Now, they can be up and running with Square Register in minutes.”

The paperless package that includes just the Square Readers, iPad stand and cash drawer starts at $299, and the package that includes the receipt printer starts at $599. Full purchasing information is available on the company’s website.

Square has grown substantially as one of the companies attempting to bring credit card and mobile payments to small businesses, and in 2012 it grew its merchant base from 1 million to 3 million and its annualized processing rate — the total value of transactions processed through Square — from $2 billion to now $10 billion. It also signed a deal with Starbucks that will integrate Square payments into the coffee stores across the country.

4 Responses to “Square introduces “Business in a Box” to set stores up with hardware”

  1. SASmith

    I must say that this is another great Idea from the “powerful Square”. It’s surprising that they are coming up with industry benchmarks like this. I just feel though that it’s too early to come up with their own register, when we know they are not yet used by at least 50% of mobile payment consumers in the US. And I don’t actually see the point why a small business would buy something like this, when (1) I can do it the old way, (2) when not most of my customers use Square? Hmmm. Anyhow, I am happy with my mPowa (, it makes things easier for me, and their APP is simply all in one, no need for a specialized register.