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What’s for dinner? Ask Gojee, a recipe recommendation app for iOS (video)

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I love to cook, but half the battle of preparing meals is knowing what to make. That’s when I turn to an app called Gojee. It’s not your standard cookbook app or a recipe search: it’s an app that tells you what to make based on what’s in your refrigerator and pantry. And the best part is it’s got a great mix of basic food preparations, along with some unusual recipes.

All Gojee needs to know is what staples or ingredients you have on hand, what meal or category of food you’d like to cook, and anything you absolutely won’t or can’t eat. Once this information is plugged in, Gojee produces not just recipes, but beautiful photos of food for users to swipe through and get inspired for an upcoming meal.

After being recommended to me by one of my colleagues, Gojee has been my go-to cooking app for several months. These days, I end up preparing at least two meals per week with this app and have rarely made the same thing twice, thanks to the sheer variety of food blogs it pulls recipes from. I think it could be a good fit for anyone, no matter their skill in the kitchen.

Here’s a quick tour of Gojee’s food recommendation app.

6 Responses to “What’s for dinner? Ask Gojee, a recipe recommendation app for iOS (video)”

    • Erica Ogg

      I’m not sure what you mean; I explain in the video they added other feature categories like fashion and food is just one of them. I agree that it’s annoying, but the food feature is really good. Just look for the top left icon and a menu will pop up to give you options for the other categories.

  1. I preferred GoJee before it became so sexist – I just don’t jibe with the suggestion that the same people after jewelry, ladies lingerie, heels and purses should also be the ones that should be cooking in the kitchen.