Podcast: iWatch, Dr. Big Data, and surprising social media etiquette for House of Cards


Clocks are pretty boring — unless Apple (s AAPL) is rumored to be making one. Tom Krazit ticks off the details on the iWatch. Then Derrick Harris explains how big data will play a role in your future doctor’s visit. And finally, fresh from the D: Dive into Media conference, Janko Roettgers talks about the big news about Intel TV (s INTC), HBO Airplay and Netflix’s (s NFLX) no ratings game.


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Hosts: Chris Albrecht and Erica Ogg
Guests: Tom Krazit, Derrick Harris and Janko Roettgers

00:00 – 12:00 – Apple’s got the time?
12:00 – 22:00 – Paging Watson
22:00 – 40:00 – Intel TV, HBO Airplay and Netflix

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