Here comes the social resume

Enterasys is a self-identified social business, and the network infrastructure and security solutions company — ranked as one of Boston’s coolest companies, and one of the cities best places to work — is growing, and they are looking to hire a social marketer. So far, business as usual. But the reason I am writing about this is that the company is not accepting paper resumés. They are only accepting a ‘social resumé’, operationally defined as your presence in business-facing social networks like Twitter, Linkedin, and Tumblr.

Vala Afshar, Hiring A Social Marketer, No Paper Resume Accepted

  • Recruitment will begin on Feb 18 and end on March 18.  A job description will be posted via Twitter at the beginning of the recruitment process. At the end of the application period, Enterasys will select several candidates for interviews based on the qualifications described in the job description.  In an effort to use social media to its fullest capacity, Enterasys will also crowdsource Twitter for candidate endorsements using #socialCV hash-tag and reserve an additional interview spot for any interested candidates that received the most Twitter endorsements. The candidate will also interview with the marketing team and members of our executive team. At the end of this process, Enterasys will extend an offer of employment to the most qualified candidate.
  • All interested candidates should apply via Twitter using the account- @ValaAfshar. Please include #socialCV in your response to ensure your application is being reviewed. Additionally, interested applicants can also send a directed message (DM) via Twitter and provide your LinkedIn account or other references.
  • A minimum Klout score above 60 is required.
  • A minimum Kred influence score of 725 and outreach of 8 or more is also required.
  • Applicants must have more than 1,000 active Twitter followers.
  • Enterasys will use Google and/or other available public profiles to search for publically [sic publicly] available data.
  • Marketing experience must be demonstrated via web content – i.e. blogs, community involvement, new articles and other searchable publications. Enterasys is looking for a marketing professional who can drive the Company’s social networking strategy. Consideration will be made to those applicants who have published works regarding social media, peer influence, digital marketing, and related thought leadership.  Enterasys will also evaluate press coverage or influence with other leading industry bloggers or companies.
  • IT and enterprise technology background preferred but not required.
  • This is a Boston based position, working out of our headquarters location in Salem, NH (40 minutes north of Boston).
  • The salary range for this position is $70,000 USD to $100,000+ USD depending on the skills and experience of the candidate. A full description for the position can be found on our Careers site.

Leaving aside the wise crack that being such a social beast isn’t going to make you a millionaire, the implications of something like this are intriguing, but obviously the requirements listed are intended solely for a social marketer, and do not represent a general shifting to social resumés for all jobs.

I will leave aside a deep dive into the specifics of how Klout and Kred is computed, and simply state that these companies have proprietary algorithms that measure the authority and reach of individuals on various social networks, and try to turn it into a metric that allows comparisons to be made. The single biggest knock for the use of these numbers is context. If one has a Klout score of 67 blogging and tweeting about tech (like I do), what does comparing me to someone with a Klout of 73 who blogs about music mean? Although Enterasys prefers someone with IT and enterprise technology background, by not requiring it they are sending the message that understanding social media influence is the key thing in this job: they can teach you about their products, I guess.

The truly radical thing here isn’t the Klout and Kred scores: it’s the openness of the process, and the idea of crowdsourcing the process of hiring, and specifically the idea of open endorsement of candidates. This reminds me more of the voting process for panels at SxSW that a traditional hiring process.

Also, I think it would be more coherent to use a digital profile solution like Vizify to pull all this information into one browesable experience, rather than just a stream of Tweets. Here’s my Vizify home page:

vizify 1
Vizify home page


Vizify’s pages are interactive, so clicking on any of the elements of this network of data opens more detail, like the I Talk About node:

Things I Say A Lot On Twitter
Things I Say A Lot On Twitter

And my Vizify Career page, which is an interactive resumé replacement:

vizify 2


If you click on any element, a summary pops up:

A Career pop-up
A Career pop-up

Given a tool like Vizify would have made Enterersys’ work easier, and that of the crowd assisting in the process. They could have stipulated that the candidates should create specific Vizify pages, like the Words and Career pages, and specific ‘Factoid’ pages for Kred and Klout scores, Twitter followers, and so on. Here’s a Factoid from my account:

Vizify Factoid
Vizify Factoid

Instead of a tally of the stitches in their heads (yes, that’s a real number) the candidates could have created a Factoid for Twitter followers, and so on.

I am not looking for work, but I think having such a profile online is helpful for general purposes. I used the share feature to publish the profile on my Tumblr blog, too, but it’s just an image linking back to the site. I moved it into the sidebar. (I just wish Vizify included a page type for public speaking history, like they have for education and career. That would help me a great deal.)