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Amazon makes it cheaper to spread your database around

Amazon recommends that users of its various Amazon(s amzn) Web Services divvy their workloads among different availability zones in its data centers. And, in the case of its Relational Database Service (RDS), Amazon always stores primary data in one availability zone (AZ) but the associated backup data in another AZ — for a fee. Now that fee is getting lower. Amazon announced the price cuts in its AWS blog late Wednesday, but they are retroactive to February 1, 2013.

“The price for backup storage beyond your free allocation reflects this extra replication that occurs to maximize the durability of your critical backups,” according to the RDS FAQ.


Here are the before-and-after prices of  for a small on-demand RDS Database Instance (running either MySQL or Oracle(s orcl) databases) in a multi-AZ deployment:


This is just the latest in a continuing flow of pricing tweaks that Amazon unleashes. Early this month, for example. Amazon cut prices on data transfer charges to make it easier and cheaper to distribute workloads between actual regions.