Security startup Cylance nets $15M to predict future attacks

Stealthy security startup Cylance, which plans to help enterprises secure their  infrastructure secure by assessing potential threats on the fly as well as tackling known issues, has secured $15 million in funding from Khosla Ventures and Fairhaven Capital.

It will use the Series A money to speed the delivery of Cylance’s  products, services and “algorithmic security,” according to a company statement, although details on those products remained hazy.

In December, Cylance announced its Presponse service, which figures out the source and vector of an attack on mission-critical infrastructure and predicts how it might attack again. If an attack does get through once Cylance has detected it, the company will deploy an incident-response team to conduct triage and limit the damage.

Algorithm-rich software for desktops and servers will come out later this quarter to do similar things on a much broader scale, across “tens of millions of endpoints,” said Glenn Chisholm, Cylance’s vice president of products. Chisholm declined to name customers.

To prepare to launch its products and services, Cylance acquired Ridgeway Internet Security, Skout Forensics, Spearpoint Security Services. Those companies offered honey pot technology, cyber-forensics and security assessments for industrial control systems, respectively.

Several companies provide incident response capabilities, but the infrastructure-security market in particular is not very large, Chisholm said.