Salesforce re-does Do with Dropbox, Google integrations

The thing about collaboration is that you can’t do it alone. That’s the rationale behind Do More, an enhanced version of’s(s crm) Do task and project management software that was designed to make it easy for small business staffs to work together and with partners and customers using popular tools. Do More claims easy integration with Dropbox, Google(s goog) Drive, Harvest, Contactually and Wufoo.

Most small workgroups already have favorite consumer-oriented tools they use every day (hello Dropbox!), so it makes a lot of sense to make it drop-dead easy for them to keep using those tools instead of trying to lure them away.

Do morphs into Do More

The original Do app, viewed as a way for individuals to manage tasks, has evolved into a project tracking and management tool for workgroups. These new links to other collaboration products are a further push in that direction.

doharvestDo co-founder Amit Kulkarni claims more than 100,000 small companies use “Do” as their collaboration home base and hopes to capitalize on that.

“As they use this tool, they also use Dropbox or Google Drive [for file sharing], Harvest for time tracking and Wufoo forms for leads — we thought it would be cool if you’re using Do as your persistent browser tag for you to be able to see all that information from the other applications inside of Do,” Kulkarni said in an interview.

Do More makes it easy to attach a Dropbox file to a project, comment on that file and then, if necessary, share screenshots just by clicking on the Dropbox icon, Kulkarni said.

With Do More, users can now:

  • talk to customers and prospects using Wufoo online forms
  • use Contactually to create and manage email contact lists
  • share pertinent files with Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • use Do Chat for instant messaging and collaboration.
  • automate time tracking with Harvest
  • use’s for customer service

Collaboration battle gets intense

Do, and now Do More, come out of’s acquisition of Manymoon and its social productivity application — then at the top of the Google Apps Marketplace charts — two years ago.

Easy collaboration continues to be a big selling point for vendors old and new — with IBM(s ibm) pushing Connections; Google touting Google Apps and Google Drive; and of course Microsoft beating the drum for Office plus Skydrive plus SharePoint. Consumer fan favorite Dropbox is adding more IT-friendly controls to attract more business customers. Younger, potentially more nimble startups like Asana are also in the mix, so the competition here will be fierce.