Here’s what’s new in Android 4.2.2: Small but useful tweaks


A limited number of Google Nexus phones and tablets began receiving updates to Android 4.2.2(s goog) on Tuesday. Google hasn’t officially announced the update so there are no details of the software changes. Thanks to some early adopters and sleuthing at Android Police, the first bits of information on Android 4.2.2 are available.

The enthusiast site notes that there are new notifications for application downloads that show the estimated time remaining; previously, Android would show the percentage of the download effort. The Quick Settings, introduced with Android 4.2, will gain more functionality in Android 4.2.2. Instead of just being shortcuts to certain settings, a long press will act as a toggle. That should help to quickly enable or disable the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth radios. Certain notification sounds are also updated and some users have reported that Bluetooth connectivity has been improved.

We’ll see if Google announced any additional features or functions that made the cut, once the official word on the software update appears. Since this is just a minor “point” release to Android 4.2.1, I don’t expect much more to be seen on my Galaxy Nexus once the update arrives. The new features should also be available for other Nexus devices including the Nexus 4 phone and both the Nexus 7 and 10 tablets.

I’d expect a bigger Android upgrade later this year, either at Google’s I/O developer event in May or, more likely, in the second half of the year alongside a new Nexus flagship phone.


Emily Perry

As soon as i got the update, my keyboard has been acting stupid. When i go to type in some apps, it closes and reopens multiple times. And the apps have not had an update, so it is not the apps themselves. It also does it in messaging and it doesn’t receive some MMS messages.

Dan Jones

The Google Search update today had more cool stuff than the Android update.


Google Search stopped showing me the fastest route home. My tablet must be pissed at me for the critical comments I’ve been posting about it :)


I wonder if the Nexus 7 will stop stuttering when using both wifi and bluetooth to stream music to a bluetooth device.


Yes, I too have that problem. I have a Pioneer AVH-P3400 and it gets loud than quite than loud again. Of course my iPhone streams Pandora just fine on it.

The speaker is horrible on the Nexus 7 too.


Does this return the WiFi hotspot feature?

I can’t believe I have to root what is suppose to be a reference hardware device to gain that functionality back. IMO Android was junk with Froyo and Ice Cream and it is still flaky in Jellybean. Jellybean still restrictive after rooting better to jailbreak an iOS device to harness real power. There is a reason my Nexus 7 is only $299.

Seb Mun

I have a Nexus 4 .and it has the WiFi Hotspot feature. It’s running 4.2.2

Rann Xeroxx

Your post has troll written all over it. What “real power” do you get with your jail broken iPhone? And it has been shown time and time again that iOS 6 is just as prone to OS and app issues as Android.

Please troll elsewhere.


iOS 6 device = 100% POSIX compliance enough said

It’s much easier to port linux/UNIX apps to iOS than it is into Android because iOS is full blown UNIX. In fact anything you can think of is pretty much and apt-get statement away from being loaded on iOS

I can switch from T-Mobile to AT&T on the fly with an iPad my Nexus 7 not so much.

You get what you pay for. There is a reason why an Nexus 7 is $299 and a comparable iPad Mini is $559 and it’s not because Apple is a better marketer or because they can get away with charging more. It’s because their devices are better built and are of a higher quality.

It’s the difference between Gorilla Glass and Corning Fit and so many more minute details that typically get glossed over as opposed to being fleshed out.

With the exception of Google’s services i.e. Maps every App that is on iOS runs better than the comparable Android equivalent. And that has everything to do with my first statement. It’s real UNIX.


@Rann Xeroxx

Oh and here is another difference you backup your iOS device with iTunes before you jailbreak only you don’t need

You have to backup your android with Titanium that you have to buy to guarantee you keep your stuff after rooting and its a crap shoot if you have to use restore or not

Ran Xerox, your post has ignorance written all over it


Sure wish someone would fix the gallery’s no delete policy. I’ guess I’m stuck going to a special file manager App just to delete a few pictures. /s longing for the older better versions of Android.

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