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Podcast: How to write a web TV series

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Yuri Baranovsky has been writing (and producing and starring in) web series for a long time. He actually got mad at me back in 2007 for not including his show, Break a Leg, on a list of web shows that should be on TV.

But that’s all water under the bridge, and Baranovsky went on to create two seasons of the web show Leap Year for Hulu, and recently co-wrote the book, Scriptwriting 2.0: Writing for the Digital Age. We invited Baranovsky onto the podcast to talk about writing for the web and how web TV has evolved in the past five years.

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Host: Chris Albrecht
Guest: Yuri Baranovsky

Yuri Baranovsky talks about how web series have evolved over the past five years and Scriptwriting 2.0, the book he co-wrote about writing for the web.

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2 Responses to “Podcast: How to write a web TV series”

  1. Hey. Thanks for sharing. Very interesting and thought provoking. As a network TV writer and producer, it gives me thoughts about where to bring my new ideas — there’s more than a few possible buyers out there — instead a huge jungle called the Internet and with a sharp machete (mind) I may be able to carve out another niche or path — at least join the other explorers of the new frontier. Appreciated your time. DG

    • Yuri Baranovsky

      Thanks, DG!

      Glad you enjoyed it! It’s an interesting world out there, I’m very curious how it’ll all shake up.

      Good luck with your projects, feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

      Oh and THANKS, Mr. Albrecht!