Hold off updating your iPhone 4S to iOS 6.1, European carriers warn customers


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Two mobile operators in Europe have told customers with an iPhone(s aapl) 4S to avoid updating the device to iOS 6.1, because of reports that the upgrade brings connectivity problems with it.

Vodafone UK flagged up the issue in a forum post late on Friday, after 3 Austria made a similar plea, quoted by a customer its Facebook page.

Vodafone’s statement, which was reissued on Monday morning, read:

“We’re aware of an issue caused by Apple iPhone 4S handsets that have been upgraded to iOS 6.1 which impacts performance on 3G. Some customers may occasionally experience difficulty in connecting to the network to make or receive calls or texts or to connect to the internet.

“Apple is working on a solution to their software issue. These connection problems are intermittent. While Apple’s investigations continue, we would recommend that anyone who has not yet installed iOS 6.1 on their iPhone 4S should delay doing so until Apple has confirmed that the problem has been fixed.”

The warnings seem to have come a little late, as iOS 6.1 started rolling out at the end of January. I’ve asked Apple to shed a bit more light on the situation, and I’ll update this post as and when more information comes in.

Update 12:41 p.m. PT: Apple has issued a software update for iPhone 4S owners.



Still have problems connecting email and calendar to Exchange servers (work and Office 365). Really messing up my work.


I have 4S and email issues. Had problem on 5.1 and then went to iOS 6.1.1 presuming that it would be fixed.


would you update your phone with all the crap releases apple have been releasing, is it any wonder why they are losing the market foothold, i would not even update their itunes in case they made a mess of that as well, if it works keep it if not you have no other choice but to update.


“I’ve asked Apple to shed a bit more light on the situation, and I’ll update this post as and when more information comes in”

Wishful thinking, mate, they’re so far up their own back passages that communication with customers and journalists about their products is beneath them.

Zato Gibson

Needless to say, Microsoft has sent some of its sickest gamer creeps to this article.

Zato Gibson

“without wishing to take sides in the intractable, inevitable Apple vs Everyone flame war, Apple is legendarily useless at responding to press requests.”

The BBC article you link to is from someone who is no friend of Apple. Apple is surrounded on all sides by Microsoft a holes. No matter what it does, it is “wrong”, or “arrogant” or “stupid”, etc. Making Apple “wrong” is the driving motor of the TECH internet. It’s where the clicks and money is. 90% of the people who read and comment are Microsoft people. Many are extreme haters. They live to hate Apple. It’s a sick world full of sick a holes.


Same problem on iPad 3 , won’t connect to iTunes or App Store! Had iPad since Xmas then last week updated ios6 now I can’t get no apps what a load of crap £400 down drain,all I have is a fancy looking browser!!! Whoop wee

Oh the Humanity

Yes, your iPad will never work again. There will never be an update and it’s completely impossible to fix the issues you are experiencing.

Thirty years from now, you will still be lamenting that february in 2013 when your entire life began irretrievably slipping downhill. If only you hadn’t updated to 6.1, it would all be different.

Stuart Law

haha, brilliant.

If your ipad doesn’t work after the update it’s because you’re an idiot. This article advises that 6.1 causes 3G issues, on;y you can stop your ipad working.

Did you buy a jail broken one? If so then it’s tough, you’ve bricked it!

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