Last week on Pro: bursting the cloud bubble, task management tools taken to task


This week began with a blackout and a buy-back, and looks like it’s ending in a whiteout — at least for our readers on the East Coast. Meanwhile, over on GigaOM Pro, our analysts are publishing research on the cloud, the future of the task management tools market, and the latest news and speculation about new products from Apple (s aapl) and HBO.

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Cloud: Why Cloud Computing is Harder and more Expensive than we Thought
David Linthicum

Is the cloud honeymoon already over? Pro analyst David Linthicum gives us a reality check with some results from KPMG’s most recent Cloud Survey. While 50 percent of businesses who responded were already using a cloud solution, a third also indicated that moving to cloud-based platforms was costlier than expected. Linthicum points out some of the realities of implementing cloud solutions, and makes a few recommendations for how we can reset our expectations around the constraints of the technology and the amount of time and money they require.

Connected Consumer: Apple settles into the set-top
Paul Sweeting

Pro analyst Paul Sweeting has some bad news for Apple fanboys (and fangirls) hoping for an iTV rollout this year: while tech insiders have long speculated that Apple might introduce a game-changing device for the living room, recent chatter indicates that the company plans continue its current line of set-top boxes, rather that producing anything new. Sweeting also takes a look at the latest leaked news surrounding the HBO Go app, another contender for living room MVP.

Social: The 2013 task management tools market
Stowe Boyd

The task management and collaboration tools market continues to grow as remote workers and mobile teams become increasingly important to the enterprise, small businesses, and startups alike. Pro analyst Stowe Boyd provides an extensive analysis of ten of the leading task management products currently on the market (including Asana, Astrid, and Remember the Milk), dividing the group into three tiers, highlighting distinguishing features and assessing each on their team and task model. Is there another Yammer/Microsoft success story on the horizon?

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