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Microsoft posting points to universal apps between Windows Phone 8, Windows 8

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After building up the number of applications for Windows Phone 8(s msft), Microsoft’s next step could be to get them on Windows 8 tablets and computers. While the two platforms are meant for different device types, they do share many core components. Thanks to a recent Microsoft job posting, it looks like app unification between Microsoft’s phone and PC platforms is coming sooner rather than later.

Mary Jo Foley spotted the Feb. 7 posting and notes that the development platform for the two is similar, although not quite the same. But the company is surely looking for improved platform sharing based on the posting:

“Are you excited about Windows Phone? Are you passionate about delivering the best possible experience to the developer community? Do you wish the code you write for Windows Store apps would just work on the Windows Phone and vice versa? If so, then this is the role for you! We are the team leading the charge to bring much of the WinRT API surface and the .NET Windows Store profile to the Phone.

We are looking for a highly motivated and technically strong SDET to help our team bring together the Windows Store and Phone development platforms.”

The end result would be to vastly decrease the effort that developers need to support both Microsoft platforms. Windows RT running on ARM-based(s armh) chips throws a small wrench in the works, but as we’ve already seen on some Android devices using Intel chips, it’s not a major obstacle with the right tool set.

Windows 8 Start ScreenDevelopers wouldn’t be the only beneficiaries of course. Windows Phone 8 users that have favorite apps could extend that experience to a Windows 8 tablet, laptop or desktop.

If done right, the initiative could not only boost the available apps for Windows 8, but make such devices more appealing to Windows Phone 8 owners. And it may even sell some Windows Phones if Windows 8 users want a buy once, run everywhere Microsoft app experience.

5 Responses to “Microsoft posting points to universal apps between Windows Phone 8, Windows 8”

  1. This is old news, and is obvious in the free SDK that MSFT hands out for Win 8.

    It shows how much the tech-media tracks the favorite front-runner acts like Apple way too much.

    Even though Win 8 is not getting the most friendly press, some of these features are gonna sneak up on people and surprise them.

  2. Matt Eagar

    Enough already. When is MS going to learn that the user experience on a mobile device shouldn’t be identical to that on a PC? Windows 8 is a mess, and this would only make it worse.

    • LionSingh

      Agreed that a desktop experience must be richer than a mobile’s otherwise why would anyone buy a PC/laptop (Regardless of OS). PC appsust not suffer from the same limitations that are imposed upon mobile apps owing to mobile hardware constraints. However I believe that because tablet and phone hardware is now very powerful, most people need not buy laptops at all. From that POV, MSFT’s move seems right to me.

  3. LionSingh

    This only applies to apps using the Win RT API, not those using Win32 API. In other words, TurboTax that you run on your Windows desktop won’t run on your phone or a Windows RT tablet.