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Wunderlist 2 arrives on Android tablets, with iPad version hot on its heels

Wunderlist 2, the newly-native redesign of 6Wunderkinder’s popular task management app, is finally hitting tablets more than a month after it became available for smartphones.

Wunderlist was originally designed cross-platform using Titanium, but the need to create native versions became a focus last year for Berlin-based 6Wunderkinder, leading the company to abandon its second product, Wunderkit.

Unusually, the first tablet-optimized native version to be released is for Android. Wanna see some frustrated Apple(s aapl) users? Check out the comment thread in the release blog post.

But those with iPads needn’t fear. Fact is, both the Android(s goog) and iPad versions were developed and finished at the same time. As CEO Christian Reber tweeted today, the iPad version is simply somewhere in Apple’s approval process. So, while those users won’t get to take advantage of Android-specific features such as homescreen task widgets and inter-app sharing, they should be catered for soon enough.

3 Responses to “Wunderlist 2 arrives on Android tablets, with iPad version hot on its heels”

  1. I’ve been using productivity for my to do listing and evernote for my note ever since my winderlist trial run with a buggy ap, tedious slow connecticity and unreliability. I wonder if this second version is any better and worth a try for my iphone/macbook. Any ideas?