Twitter’s Vine app now has a 17+ age rating, user reporting tool

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Last week after Twitter’s new Vine app for iOS was found to be littered with pornographic content, I asked what made Vine’s app so different from iOS photography app 500px, which was yanked off of the App Store with little warning. Vine was never pulled, but as of late Tuesday night, it has made some changes to bring it more in line with Apple’s App Store standards.

Vine now has a 17+ age rating and a warning that the app may contain mature content, and it also has a new tool to report inappropriate content or individual users as part of an update first spotted by The Verge. The changes were part of an app update.

The situation was handled far differently for 500px. The photography app, which had been available for download on the App Store for several years, was given a warning from Apple during a review of one of the app’s updates that there was possible pornographic content. 500px said they would look for and remove the content, but then the app was removed from the App Store altogether, and Apple claimed it received complaints of pornography involving children.

Though 500px maintains it never found and was never show examples of images involving children, 500px’s app was put back into the App Store after working with Apple over a few days to institute the company’s requested changes. Those adjustments included stricter search filters for images containing nudity and — like what Twitter added to Vine — a 17+ rating on it and a user reporting tool.

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