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Apple to stop Mac Pro shipments to EU ahead of promised 2013 update

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On March 1, Apple has to stop selling the Mac Pro in Europe because of new safety regulations that will soon go into effect. Apple just informed its European resellers of this news. While Apple has to stop selling new Mac Pros as of March 1, its local resellers in EU countries can keep selling their remaining stock until they run out.

Here’s the text of the email Apple sent its resellers:

As of March 1, 2013, Apple will no longer sell Mac Pro in EU, EU candidate and EFTA countries because these systems are not compliant with Amendment 1 of regulation IEC 60950-1, Second Edition which becomes effective on this date. Apple resellers can continue to sell any remaining inventory of Mac Pro after March 1.

Apple will take final orders for Mac Pro from resellers up until February 18th for shipment before March 1, 2013.

Countries outside of the EU are not impacted and Mac Pro will continue to be available in those areas.

This is not the kind of decision that’s going to have many consumers up in arms: the vast majority of Apple computer buyers go with a notebook or the more consumer-friendly all-in-one iMac. And Mac Pro buyers have gotten used to the lack of attention to the product line: Apple’s last update to the Mac Pro was June 2012, and even then it was incremental.

In simply stopping shipments of this desktop to EU countries, it’s clear Apple is gearing up for something newer and better later on. Last summer CEO Tim Cook told a group of Mac Pro users in an email that Apple is “working on something really great for later next year.”

In the meantime, Mac sales have slowed for Apple: in the fourth quarter of 2012 Apple sold 4.1 million Macs, 22 percent fewer than the same quarter in 2011.

4 Responses to “Apple to stop Mac Pro shipments to EU ahead of promised 2013 update”

  1. Leave it to the liberal weenies in the EU to declare something that has been around for years with not one single issue whatsoever to be “unsafe”…

    And we wonder why everything costs so much.

  2. hundoman

    Apples doesn’t make computers any more only consumer gadgets.

    Any media professional worth their salt has already left the Mac platform as Apple just doesn’t care about them.

    How can you buy a laptop or computer that has the memory soldered onto the motherboard so you can’t ever upgrade it after purchase from Apple. Also the hard disks, batteries and other items are pretty much none replaceable/upgradable either.

    Apple should just put the Mac Pro Tower out to pasture as it is so old and slow compared to what any other Intel based workstation computer can do with real upgrades over the last 3 years with modern Intel motherboards.

    • Johnny Massacre

      Haha! Funny. I have been in and out of advertising companies, design companies, music recording studios, and every kind of creative industry you care to mention and they all use Macs.

      The worlds leading DJs all use Macs too.

      “Memory soldered onto the motherboards”. ??? You can easily replace and upgrade memory.

      “Also the hard disks, batteries and other items are pretty much none replaceable/upgradable either.”

      What on earth are you talking about? You can replace all of these things easily.

      Admittedly Apple has neglected their Mac Pro line for years now; the recent update pissed off a lot of Mac Pro users because they have been waiting so long and they got an incremental update. Apple’s Mac Pro range and iMacs are getting so powerful and cost effective that Mac Pros aren’t needed unless you work in graphics and video.

      The world’s top designers like to use Mac hardware, so I hope that Apple come good on their promise and deliver some unbelievably fast Mac Pros in 2013. The creative world prefers this hardware and OS.