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Cord Cutters: A first look at Netflix’s House Of Cards

Netflix’s (s NFLX) new exclusive show House Of Cards may just be the first cable TV drama for cord cutters. Here’s our take on it:

Show notes for this episode:

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7 Responses to “Cord Cutters: A first look at Netflix’s House Of Cards”

  1. dullgeek

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting this show since I first saw the trailer several weeks ago. I’ve read early reviews that say this is for Netflix what The Sopranos was for HBO.

    I’m pretty excited about Netflix (and other OTT providers) producing their own content. I’m hopeful that this starts a trend. And maybe it will incent HBO, showtime (et al) to unbind themselves from Cable as a delivery mechanism for content.

  2. saidimu apale

    Janko, based on your review I’m renewing my Netflix subscription. After being pestered by Netflix’s “please come back” emails every other month, this show just may do it for me.

    Reed Hastings should probably cut you a little cheque ;)