So that 128GB iPad? It’s real, and it’s available from Apple on Feb. 5


If 64GB isn’t enough storage space for you to deal with on your iPad, Apple’s got another option for you. Starting next Tuesday, Feb. 5, Apple(s aapl) will begin selling a 128GB iPad, the company announced Tuesday. It will come in black or white and will be available with Wi-Fi only for $799 or Wi-Fi + Cellular for $929.

It’s unusual to move from an Apple rumor to actual product in the course of just a few days, but that’s what happened this week. In a press release, Apple framed the move to release its biggest-ever capacity mobile device as a way to help professionals in a variety of industries replace their traditional computers with the iPad; it mentioned the need for designers, the recording industry and professional athletes to use software on their iPads that requires a lot of storage space.

“With more than 120 million iPads sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPads, and everyday they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPads rather than their old PCs,” said Philip Schiller, Apple SVP of Worldwide Marketing, in a statement. “With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more reasons to use iPad for all their business and personal needs.”

Besides selling a pricier iPad to professionals, this could be a way to slightly increase Apple’s profit margins — which dipped over the last quarter. The costs of flash memory are generally incremental, but the company is charging an extra $100 dollars for users that want double the available storage of the 64GB iPad.



I have an Archos Internet Tablet with 250 GB storage, had it since 2010.


“its biggest-ever capacity mobile device”

Last I checked, my 160gb iPod Classic has more storage.


More over priced Apple consumer facing product trying to be forced into the corporate world via the BYOD model.

Apple iOS is the oldest, least multitasking of all the smart phone or tablet OS’s. Let’s not even talk about the rip-off that are the costs for all the needed dongles and docks which are not needed on any other tablet or smart phone.

Apple doesn’t make corporate products and iOS is just pure consumer gadgets as there is no way to lock down iOS devices with Mobile Device Management or to protect/sandbox corporate data from personal data. Apple doesn’t provide any way to manage via a single AppleID iOS to manage 100’s or 1000’s of devices either.


All those iPads being used in business everyday are a mirage, along with all that money developers make on iOS in comparison to Android Hmm…


There is no way to prevent someone from uninstalling the MDM application that a company would want on the iOS device and personal data is not separated from company data. Unlike Android, Windows OS, or RIM products that you can lock things down.

I work on a daily basis with companies trying to control or manage 100s to 1000s of iOS devices and it is a nightmare to administer.

How do you control iOS devices and reboot them or push OS updates or lock down OS updates on them when it seems Apple doesn’t allow you to do anything of the sort.


How many tasks can you accomplish on a tablet at one time?

Let’s see there are tools from Absolute Software, Dell KACE, Quest, Solarwinds, Microsoft System Center, Cisco, Juniper and even Blackberry makes management tools for Apple devices. Even basic Microsoft Exchange without the management CAL allows for remote wipe.

Blackberry 10 is the only device that separates personal from corporate profiles on a device and it hasn’t even been released yet.

Windows Phone 8 and Android are junk in comparison for this functionality


Why pay half that for a tablet with a microSD slot when you can spend 800$ on an ipad !


I love how Android users exclaim that they need to be able to expose and get access to their disk. Corporate IT doesn’t want more options. They want things locked down. IT spends big money to lock down USB ports on PC’s.

The most popular Android tablet the Nexus 7 doesn’t have a microSD slot.

I love how Android users talk about how extensible their platform is. You can do so much more with a jailbroken iPad than a rooted Android tablet. That’s the difference between Darwin and the Dalvik VM.

You get what you pay for

Peter Elliot

So Apple is charging $100 for 16GB of flash (16-32GB), 32GB (32-64GB) and 64GB (64-128GB). When a flash is below $1 per GB.

Only Apple could get away with this…


Desperate times call for desperate measures. Mid-cycle announcements to stem the bleeding from the stock price and try to stay a step ahead of the competition, and 128 GBs isn’t going to make sell Corporate IT. BYOD gets you in the door, but it is a complete ecosystem of platform and apps that are secure and easy to deploy and manage that gets you into the IT department.

Next…a plastic iPhone to sell in China. Running out of ways to milk the old cow, time for something completely different.


That is an ignorant ADD comment. If that is the case, Apple has been “milking” the Mac since 1984, Microsoft has been “milking” Windows since 1985 and Google has been “milking” search since 1998. Compared to these technologies above, the iPhone/iPad/iOS is still in its infancy. Get a grip. Something can only be new and magical once.


When you start your comment with “Desperate times call for desperate measures” you’ve demonstrated that you’re not qualified to make observations about Apple.


Sorry guys. I stand by my statement.

Their stock has lost a third of its, admittedly overvalued, price and older models of the iPhone are still outselling the 5. It is pretty obvious that they have reached a degree of saturation in the high-end market and are having to push more in other directions like Corporate and downmarket. Neither of these are going to generate the same levels of revenue in the short-term and let’s be honest, Apple isn’t built to play the commodity field (or Enterprise for that matter). It has never worked for them in the past and I doubt it will now.

@Doug – As to iteration versus innovation. Apple just about iterated themselves into oblivion with the Mac and would still be a niche player if it weren’t for them thinking outside the Mac box. As you said Apple milked the Mac for a very long time before the iPod came along and in the same time, MS built out an Office suite, a Backoffice suite, and Gaming platform that pretty much dominated the incumbents for most of the last decade. I’m not saying MS is better, because we both know better, but Apple has to keep building on that technical mastery instead of continuing to ride the iPod train.


I am sure they probably have something in their lab they are working on. They were working on what became the iPhone and iPad for a number of years before anything came of it. They are very smart people with a boat load of cash for research and development. I am not sure what the update today has to do with innovation? I don’t think they are mutually exclusive.

The press release seemed to focus on professional use, so their research is probably telling them that there are people who want this such as musicians, photographers and doctors, etc. I don’t think this storage bump is aimed at the bulk of the market. However, I think in this update you might get a hint that the next iPad probably coming in the fall will probably be 32,64 and 128 and they drop the 16GB.

Every computer I have ever seen has seen the hard drives increase as storage demands increase, so I don’t understand why Apple gets singled out for doing the same thing every other manufacturer does. If I had to bet on what major company will drop the next “big thing” I would probably bet on Apple over the other players. BTW, I am not sure I would put the XBox in the class of something like the Mac, iPod and iPhone. It is just another game machine. These others created or changed industries.

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