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Signs point to a 128 GB Apple iPad coming soon

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Feeling a little cramped by the 64 GB of storage in your iPad(s aapl)? You may soon be able to stretch out and relax a little more on your tablet: The latest iOS 6.1 beta software hints at iPads with 128 GB of storage capacity. 9to5 Mac’s sources say that such a device would be identical to the current models, so the only difference would be the amount of flash memory.

Buried in the Apple’s iOS 6 beta code are references to the 128 GB of storage and was found by Twitter user @iNeal this past Saturday:

Assuming Apple does introduce a 128 GB iPad model, I’d expect the price jump to be $100 over the current 64 GB versions; Apple typically adds $100 for each step up to higher memory for its iOS devices. That would put this model at $799 for a Wi-Fi tablet, likely to appeal more to those who use their iPad as a primary device in place of a laptop. Or those that want to carry every MadMen episode in high-definition with them on their iPad.

8 Responses to “Signs point to a 128 GB Apple iPad coming soon”

  1. ,, now the apple is trying to be more friendly to users albeit the costly way

    they say that such manufacturer has a good deal of patents list but most of the time only for registration and not a significant portion is brought to user’s consumption even if every mac enthusiast are willing to empty their pockets,

    and what about this latest move, maybe it now feels threatened by the competition (especially the USB-toting Microsoft Surface) thereby nullifying some of apple fanboys’ hard-to-swallow statements — that may contradict the need for space — that apple have always been gearing for cloud storage as the future for consumer mobile contents storage,

  2. Actually, every time they’ve bumped memory on the iPhone and iPad to date, they’ve simply dropped the current lowest memory model. Memory gets cheaper over time naturally, so occasional bumps in storage are normal. The 16GB model needs to go away in favor of the 32, 64 and 128 GB models.

    • Beroweila

      Depends. if Apple wants to really push the iPad-as-a-computer philosophy then they will drop the 16GB to then just carry the 32/64/128 at the current pricing structure & get rid of the silly yearly events which just make their products appear like fashionable toys.

      Or they can go the Steve Jobs route & just go after profit margins to try and keep investors happy by releasing a 128GB on top of the current models. Wrong move.

      Hopefully Tim Cook will wise up & take this company were Steve Jobs never could, into the world of adulthood. He’s already accomplished step 1 last year by calling the iPad just the iPad.

  3. Nicholas Paredes

    A 256G iPhone that could hold all of my music would be crazy great! I’ll pay!

    And, a guess that costs on the components have come down, might simply mean that all of the devices would get a jump except for maybe a free iPhone…

    • Neal Jackson

      Looking at the cost of storage alone is not a fair way to assess such a move, including its pricing, if undertaken by Apple. The value of storage is in its integration in a system, which increases its utility, so upping the price is both reasonable and fair.

      Of course one can always debate the amount of increase, but $100 for a doubling of the memory here does not seem crazy. Consider that the price increase was $100 for 32GB in the last model. This is 2X increase that memory level, for the same money.